Model Maker

Purpose of the Role:

  • Manufacture and assembly of aerodynamic models and related parts for development testing, plus fitting of the parts in the wind tunnel.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Manufacture model components using a variety of mediums and processes.
  • Ensure high quality of model parts, with on time delivery in full.
    • Ensuring quality is not compromised.
    • Reviewing assigned workload and where potential delays are foreseen, ensuring timely communication to managers and supportive of an alternative plan that will have minimal effect on the program.
    • Pre fit and then fit model parts including during wind tunnel tests, in ways that will minimise ‘pit-stop’ time and ensure delivery to tunnel is complete.
    • Working to agreed methods of work.
  • Robust knowledge of departments metrology systems
  • Work efficiently within the Model Shop as part of an established team.
    • Where required, providing a work handover to a following shift.
    • Where appropriate update systems to ensure accurate data information.
    • Promote McLaren values amongst colleagues.
  • Generate practical ideas for improving model manufacturing, fitting and quality.
    • Where faults are identified, contain and inform management.
  • To attend appropriate reviews as required.
  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment.
  • Ensure Health and Safety procedures are followed at all times.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

  • Extensive knowledge of Model manufacturing and fitting methods.
  • Extensive knowledge of model assembly to aid design and process improvements.
  • Extensive experience in carrying out model changes during ‘pit-stops’ within the Wind Tunnel.
  • Model system handling and setup in wind tunnel and preparation room
  • Wind tunnel model servicing and maintenance
  • Wind tunnel Metrology and Setup
    • Faro Tracker setup and operation
  • Developing working relationships that promote faster delivery of parts and increase morale between shifts.
  • Maintaining a basic understanding of Catia for part interrogation.
  • PC literate to enable use of department systems.

Personal Attributes

  • Methodical approach and target driven.
  • Able to promote ‘best practice’ working standards.
  • Where the need for change is appropriate, engaging others to influence the result.
  • A ‘Can do’ attitude with a drive for technical excellence.
  • Flexible in working hours including additional hours when required and travel.