ABT Cupra Formula E Team

ABT Cupra Formula E Team


ABT was a founding member of Formula E and participated in every race for the first seven years.

Its greatest successes include winning the first race in Formula E history on 13 September 2014 in Beijing, Lucas di Grassi's drivers’ championship in 2017 and the team championship a year later.

Still a private team from 2014 to 2017, the Kempten-based squad took over the race cars for Audi from 2017 to 2021.

After a one-year break, the team returned to the World Championship in 2023.

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Formula E

ABT CUPRA competes in Formula E as a customer team with vehicles from Mahindra Racing.

At the heart of the MahindraM10Electro is the drivetrain developed by ZF – the only component other than software that manufacturers are allowed to develop themselves.

Otherwise, the third-generation Formula E car, including battery, aerodynamics and standard Hankook tyres, is identical for all participants.

The car delivers 300 kW in the race and 350 kW in the qualifying duels.



ABT Sportsline GmbH 
From the Racetrack to the Road.
Kempten, Germany 17.04.2024
Race Track | Performance Engineer | Performance Analyst

Your Tasks


As a key member of the performance engineering group, you will work closely with your Race Engineer and Race Driver to maximize the performance of one of our Race cars during race and test events. The role will require extensive travel and include supporting DIL Simulator sessions.