Health and Safety Manager

This position reports to the VP of Human Resources. The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to facilitate compliance with all OSHA/EPA/NFPA/DOT and TS/OHSAS programs. The Health and Safety Manager is expected to work with the plant’s leadership team and safety committees towards maximizing employee productivity and overall health and safety so that disability claims, on-the-job injury claims, and absenteeism are all reduced.

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for ensuring that management complete accident investigations and prepare serious incident reports correctly.
  • Develop and implement safety programs that reduce the injury rate across all RWB
  • Serve as the gatekeeper for healthcare services, including treatment for worker illness and injuries.
  • Advances "Zero injury" mindset by driving improvements in site safety culture and facilitating risk reduction projects.
  • Implement corporate facility safety and health technical standards to be followed by the plant personnel in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.
  • Interacts with OSHA/EPA regarding formal complaints and inspections. Manage all activities related to outside governmental agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • Represent the company at local, state and federal regulatory meetings as necessary.
  • Determine the need for industrial hygiene monitoring (air, noise, heat stress, etc.) and conduct the monitoring or coordinate the monitoring with the appropriate agency.
  • Lead/Conduct facility inspections to determine potential safety and health hazards. Recommend corrective/preventative measures where indicated.
  • Must be able to write Emergency Response Preparedness plans, enforce security precautions, and other duties as assigned.
  • Responsible for periodic driving duties of non-CDL commercial vehicles within the parameters of your job duties; which will further require you to maintain an active driver’s license at all times. Should your driving license status change, you are required to report the change to your supervisor immediate

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in safety or related field and/or a minimum of 5 years’ experience in similar role is required.
  • Working knowledge of OSHA regulations is required, including claims handling regulations, accident investigation, and insurance policies.
  • Working knowledge of DOT regulations, including vehicle, maintenance files, driver qualifications, drug/alcohol screening, and hours of service is required.
  • Must be comfortable to work in a high pressure, urgency driven environment.