Role Purpose

The goal of the CRM Marketing Specialist is to facilitate the use of CRM software to improve the efforts of the sales, customer service, and marketing teams. Their job is to ensure that whoever needs to use the software interacts smoothly with the technology. While their role is ultimately the “CRM evangelist,” they also help companies use the software to their advantage to create better customer relationships by building the brand’s reputation. This role is brand new, and we need a Subject Matter Expert to drive the CRM across the business.

Key Responsibilities

  • Establishing workflows and standards or entering data in the CRM
  • Spotting ways to improve usage of the CRM through automating basic everyday tasks
  • Customizing and pulling marketing reports from the CRM
  • Analysing the marketing reports to determine what kind of customer trends the business should respond to
  • Writing training manuals and teaching staff on how to use the CRM
  • Troubleshooting user or software errors that inhibit the efficiency of the interaction between people and technology
  • Meeting with teams to help them analyse business trends
  • Plan, manage and deliver a cross channel CRM strategy
  • Develop strategies to increase customer activation, retention and loyalty
  • Explore and manage all channels and communication activities within the CRM in all our markets
  • Using data to automate CRM activities and provide relevancy to one-to-one personalization
  • Manage all aspects of CRM analytics, gather insights, and communicate across teams Building and executing trigger-based communication workflows
  • Helping to articulate the future requirements of CRM
  • Help spread customer insights and awareness throughout our company within direct marketing and CRM
  • Implement and play Marketing campaign via the CRM system
  • Close interactions with finance team for all software connections between accounting and commercial department
  • Act as a project manager to evaluate, prioritize, develop, manage, implement, and test CRM and tech initiatives
  • Key stakeholder of our CRM systems

Key Challenges

  • Introducing an understanding of CRM across the business – “One Version of The Truth”
  • Working in a highly dynamic and, at times, ambiguous company environment
  • Building the interface between sales, marketing, b2b-communication, and finance

Skills & Experience

  • +3 years of relevant experience/knowledge for this role including Google analytics, email marketing systems such as Apsis, Adobe Experience Manager or Adobe campaign
  • Previous experience within CRM and creating customer segmentations, selections & follow ups (Oracle’s NetSuite knowledge is not a must but nice to have)
  • Experience in using data to find insights and create relevant customer communication, e.g., email, SMS, What’s App and app pushes campaigns
  • Experience of setting up A/B testing to evaluate and optimize
  • Excellent analytical data and technical skills
  • Proactive with the ability to organize, and able to prioritize strategically and operational
  • Motivated by KPIs and reaching goals
  • Great communication skills
  • Have a strong understanding and passion for the customer experience
  • Strong Team player
  • Strategic Mindset & Operational Execution
  • Goal and Result-driven persona
  • Communicative and collaborative
  • Love to connect the teams and tasks
  • A proven Self-Starter


If you'd like to apply for this role please send a cover letter with your CV.