Race Engineer

  • This is a senior and leadership role within the engineering team and position responsibilities will
  • include but are not limited to:

  • Optimization of on-track performance of the team at each event and throughout the championship.
    1. Organized and safe running of a PPM LMDh prototype in the WEC Championship and all supporting events:
      1. Performing all pre-event preparation work
        • Maintaining the vehicle setup database and determining a starting setup.
        • Preparation of a weekend run plan, test item lists, and work lists
          • Management of tires and tire preparation for each event
            1. Communication to the car over the radio and throughout each event
            2. Direct communication to the drivers and ensuring they are performing at their best, providing direct feedback for improvement
            3. Efficient management of support engineering staff for responsible car (Performance Engineer, Systems Engineer, etc…) at each event
          • In cooperation with the Car Chief Mechanic, ensure that the car is in full technical compliance at all times
          • Ensure that technicians are informed at all times, ie. run plan review, preparation and pre-fits of test items, tire plan, etc..
        • Provide an environment and atmosphere for engineering staff to grow, and improve in a mentorship capacity.
  • Management and execution of long-term development items and engineering tasks to continually push the program forward


 Race Weekend Tasks: 

  • Maintain run log of all changes that occur with the car.
  • Work closely with driver and crew chief providing ideas, feedback and support.
  • All simulation tasks as required to evaluate potential changes.  
  • Fuel Mileage during the race event.
  • Work with team mechanics as required completing any and all tasks (loading, car work, etc.).