Team Leader, Machining

At McLaren Racing, we believe only by chasing performance in everything we do can we give ourselves the best chance of success. Performance on track and in the factory. Performance for our people, our business and our partners. It’s about more than winning. It’s about hitting the highest standards, and then raising the bar again.

Purpose of the Role:

Leading the Machine Shop shift and working as part of the department you will be responsible for the safety, development, and output of our skilled team of machinists. With the guidance from the Machine Shop Manager, you will drive our throughput to meet our targets, whilst maintaining safe working practices and department quality. You will inspire positive change and continuous improvement initiatives and provide the first point of contact for all team members that are within your area of responsibility and influence. McLaren has a formidable history - come and be part of our future success!

Role Dimensions:

Reporting to the Machine Shop manager, it is your responsibility to energise the shift and drive the efficient and effective manufacture of components for our cars, wind tunnel or race team as directed by the schedule. The role demands a people focused person, who is engaging and determined to do the best for our team. Maintaining regular high quality 1-2-1’s with shift members you will provide feedback, support, and encouragement to assistance department development.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Safeguard and support our team members in the workshop by promoting the correct use of policies, procedures, and PPE, whilst maintaining a clean and tidy workplace. The wellbeing of our team is a priority.
  • Promote the one-team approach by encouraging team members to identify and implement continuous improvement processes to minimise waste, reduce costs and deliver meaningful sustainability in everything that we do.
  • Work with the Machine Shop Manager and Head of Machining to identify skills gaps and suggest personal development plans, to provide learning opportunities for the good of both our people and the whole team.
  • Conduct engaging yet concise daily briefs at the SQD+C board to impart important information to the shift.
  • Provide effective communication across shifts by meeting face-to-face with other Team Leaders to share and handover key information within the department to keep our team safe and productive.
  • Conduct quarterly, high quality 1-2-1’s using Culture Amp as a record with your direct reports.
  • Ensure that all our machines within your area are fully utilised to their maximum capability with respect to the schedule, highlighting production gaps should they arise.
  • Support the Machine Shop Manager with shift flexibility, banking and burning hours to meet demand and accepting requests made by our team members where possible.
  • Manage and monitor workload with respect to the schedule, moving people not components to machines.
  • Ensure that our support technicians have a clear view of the day(s) ahead, in terms of material prep, tool setting and machining support.
  • Work with Production Engineering, the Machine Shop Manager, and the Technical Support Engineer to ensure we are ready for manufacture with material, tooling, fixtures, gauges, and programmes.
  • Monitor and promote the positive use of Javelin, Seiki, and other tools within the department by all team members to ensure we gather the highest quality of data to support decision making and control the cost of car
  • Work with our team members to resolve Non-Conformance Report (NCR) and quality concerns with robust corrective action
  • Facilitate the completion of our weekly Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM) schedules, escalating any concerns to ensure timely corrective action is taken
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