Community Manager


You will be part of GreenGT Technologies in a permanent position based in Signes (83870), where your daily tasks will be to cover programmes such as Mission H24, the latest and greatest in hydrogen-electrical sporting automobile prototypes.


You will be tasked with creating content and releasing it regularly on the biggest social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Following the strategy defined by the management team, you will help raise awareness of the project and the company among the biggest players in mobility, among our partners and among the wider public.

You will follow the team’s progress on a daily basis: in the workshop, during the test phases and during circuit demonstrations. The content (photos, videos, interviews, infographics) will be used to power our social networks, the newsletter and the company’s websites.

You will be posting on a regular basis in order to achieve maximum engagement on all of the social networks, by creating and expanding the debate around new hydrogen-based technology.

You will handle both media content aimed at the biggest players in the sector, and accessible content for the wider public. You will write clear and effective texts which arouse interest and interaction.

You will monitor your results on a regular basis using reporting tools, and define the best-adapted content for each segment. You will fine-tune the quality and visibility of the content by searching through the accounts of partners who may be receptive to promoting the project. You will optimise the content for Google and YouTube SEO optimisation.


·      Bachelor’s degree

·      2 to 3 years’ experience in platform administration for a company

·      An understanding of motorsports

·      Languages: French and English. 

·      Excellent spelling and grammar required, a knowledge of copywriting is appreciated

·      A good understanding of at least one infographics and one video editing programme

·      A good understanding of how the algorithm for each social network works, plus SEO referencing

·      Use of reporting tools to improve the impact of the content

·      The capacity to innovate and find the best way to reach the target


Please send your application to: