Green-GT Technologies

Green-GT Technologies



GreenGT is an independent company active in the field of electric-hydrogen technologies. It analyses, designs, develops, carries out and sells studies, products and services applicable to motor sports, the mobility industry and also to infrastructures and regions.


GreenGT reinforces its identity every day:

  • An independent company with a human dimension
  • A pioneer in high-density electric-hydrogen-powered systems
  • An integrator of tested hydrogen electric solutions
  • A company capable of covering all the phases of development from prototype to limited runs
  • A recognised leader in its fields of activity


Green-GT Technologies 
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Signes, France 01/17/2022
Logistics | French | English

GreenGT is shaping the future of motor racing in the domain of endurance with the development of electric-hydrogen prototypes and the regulations that will allow them to complete the 24hr of Le Mans.

We are looking for a Logistic manager

In order to strengthen our development team, we are looking for a Logistic manager

Your tasks :.

Signes, France 01/03/2022
Communication Manager | English | French


You will be part of GreenGT Technologies in a permanent position based in Signes (83870), where your daily tasks will be to cover programmes such as Mission H24, the latest and greatest in hydrogen-electrical sporting automobile prototypes.