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Calibration & Product Development Engineer

The Senior Calibration Engineer will be working in the Powertrain department within Mountune, responsible to the Engineering Manager. Services are defined as vehicle,systems,component and project engineering, and programme management.


  • This position works as part of a team developing the engine control system calibration and associated component and systems development to meet Customer and Legislative requirements for engine performance, emissions, and economy according to the Mountune brand requirements


  •  Candidate should have a good background in engine testing and experience with electronics


  •  Candidate will be responsible for allocated development tasks.


  •  Candidate will preferably have a minimum 5 years Gasoline and/or Diesel calibration experience or in a similar systems control environment with the ability to develop andrevise the desired engine calibrations and Mountune brand drive characteristics.


  • Candidate will have a minimum 3 years component engineering experience to allow swift development of Mountune parts from concept to market.


  •  Must be methodical, self-starting and willing to travel


  •  Candidate will have experience and be skilled in using current analytical and product development IT tools relevant to engine software and control systems.


  •  Ensure adherence to all Health & Safety and Quality  Environmental policies that affect his areas.

Operating Policies:

1) Provide Engineering reports to Team leader, which will include program status activity reports
covering both technical deliverables and business performance.

Calibration & Product Development Engineer

Brentwood, UK
Full time
3 - 5 years of experience

Published on 11/12/2017