Machine Learning and Simulation Engineer

For many fans of Formula One, the sport exists between lights and chequered flag on a Sunday afternoon. It begins and ends with the exploits of the drivers on the track. But this is merely the tip of the spear. The reality of modern F1 is that of a complex and intertwined operation, every part of which needs to perform near its limit if success is to be achieved. From the pit crew searching for the ultimate repeatable pit stop, to the inspiration of the designers, the application of engineers and the herculean efforts of an army of fabricators and machinists, Formula One is a team sport in a very literal sense – that's why we love what we do.

Job Description

Machine Learning and Simulation Engineer


In this role you will be on a mission to provide engineers within Red Bull Technology with the best tools for the analysis and optimisation of car design and on track performance. This is a multi-disciplinary role where you will be required to:


  • Develop and validate advanced and bespoke analysis tools aimed at improving our understanding of on track vehicle performance, vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics and various aspects of Formula 1 vehicle design


  • Work alongside Vehicle Performance (Modelling, Simulation, Simulator), Aerodynamics (Computational Fluid Dynamics, wind tunnel and track environments), Power Unit and Vehicle Design groups to understand how data science techniques can enhance their methods and tools


  • Review, understand and implement methods from state-of-the-art literature in the areas of Linear Algebra, Optimization, Statistics, Machine Learning


  • Write reusable libraries to be shared with other team members


  • Develop and work with modern containerisation and orchestration frameworks


  • Present your results and conclusions with effective communication, visualization and writing


  • Knowledge and experience working with advanced Machine Learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch and Kubeflow are highly desired


The ideal candidate will have strong mathematical and engineering skills supported by MSc or PhD in Data Science, Applied Mathematics or Engineering, and preferably a 3-year experience in industry.


Not only is this a fantastic role, it is also a fantastic team to work in. A good salary is just the start, there are many other benefits too such as our bonus scheme, private health care cover, life assurance scheme, workplace nursery, company contributed pension scheme, on site gym & fitness classes, free food, and a cycle to work scheme.

Job Posting End Date

Sun, 19 Sep 2021