The ADAC as an employer - more exciting and varied than imagined

Discover the diversity of the ADAC and the wide range of possibilities

What we do is fueled by the joy of helping and the enthusiasm of being here for others - this is also the best prerequisite for you to write your personal success story at ADAC. With great commitment, team spirit and conviction, our employees ensure that all services and products are provided in the best quality and for the benefit of our members.

Derived from the umbrella strategy that affirms ADAC as a membership-based mobility service provider and a result of more than 100 years of history, which also stands for the company's consistency as an employer, this is not just a promise to our members, but also a claim to the employees of all ADAC units.

Our foundation for strategic alignment is the membership organization, which is why protection and representation of our members are key elements that are reflected in the organization of a 3-pillar structure:

• ADAC e.V. - is an ideal association - contains central member services such as Roadside Assistance, Consumer Protection, Motorsport, Tourism, Legal Center (membership consultation), traffic and the club magazine "ADAC Motorwelt"
• ADAC SE - Commercial activities (such as insurance, car rental, financial services) are grouped together in a separate, clearly separated joint stock company
• ADAC Stiftung - Here the non-profit activities (such as air rescue, charitable individual assistance, traffic education, mobility research, motor sport safety) of the ADAC are bundled

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