Automotive Event Operations Manager

AMCI is a training, testing and experiential marketing agency dedicated exclusively to the automotive industry. We inspire people to connect with automotive brands by providing solutions designed to transform the consumer experience. In other words, we create advocates of our clients’ brands and products.

AMCI Europe Limited is part of the AMCI Global organisation, HQ in Los Angeles, USA, which started more than 30 years ago.  Originally, the business was dedicated to testing new vehicles to accredit advertising claims and ascertain their competitive difference. AMCI would validate if a manufacturer claim was authentic or not, suggesting ideas of how to meet the claim if the product fell short, or establish alternative performance attributes that could be validated. This has given AMCI a reputation for thoroughness and credibility as specialists in the automotive sector. 

Since then, AMCI has diversified into experiential marketing activity targeting consumers and media, focusing on the power of creating impactful experiences that communicate the brand and/or product messages and provide the audience with a positive, memorable encounter. The objective is to deliver warm, well-informed prospects to dealers and secure positive media coverage. Ultimately, both outcomes aim to create advocates and support sales.

AMCI also offers dealer communication, education and coaching – whether that is delivered at an academy-type off-site training facility, in-dealership or as part of a larger brand experience.

AMCI is passionate about its services and what it can achieve for its clients and takes a long-term view of relationships to create open, honest advice and dialogue in the pursuit of its clients’ goals. 

In Europe our client base includes Rolls-Royce, Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, MINI, Hyundai, Volvo and Lexus. Find out more at

We are looking to bolster our Vehicle Knowledge team which sits at the very core of AMCI’s automotive specialist proposition and underpins so much of the work we deliver.

The successful candidate will be responsible for representing this integral part of our company’s offering through detailed office-based planning and onsite live event delivery of often complex automotive events.

Ideally, we would like to hire someone with a minimum of 5 years direct experience in automotive dynamics and event design and management, but we would consider applicants with the right aptitude from other industries. The role would likely suit someone with a background in motorsport, driver training, police, military or events. We would happily consider applicants from the freelance pro-driver community who have worked with AMCI or other similar agencies.

Regular projects include:

  • Experiential programmes designed to launch a new product to various internal and or external client audiences to educate and or inspire them about it. These dynamic events involve large numbers of cars (20-100) on a race track or the public road (or a combination of both) and AMCI event specific staff (up to 50). This role would play a key part in designing the event solution including the vehicle and dynamic activities and would ultimately be responsible for managing the safe delivery of these onsite,
  • Large scale chauffeuring programmes where the responsibility would be managing the driver staff and all vehicle logistics at events such as Wimbledon, London Fashion Week and the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
  • Auto manufacturer racing or performance school experiences, events for invited or paying guests to experience the thrill of driving on a racing track.
  • Media events involving researching and designing exciting scenic road drives and in car experiences for members of the world’s media. These media events are often 2-3 weeks in duration and in amazing and challenging locations around the world.
  • Customer events, where we are tasked with designing and running in car experience that will excite and entertain potential customers with the hope they will buy a car.
  • Public events that require product experts to talk to guests about the brand and the vehicles on display.

However, these are just generic examples that partly comprise a typical day at AMCI. The bigger story and indeed fundamental need of the person in this role, is the ability to be excited about the challenges that are currently unknown, be those the enormous changes afoot in the automotive industry to a seemingly impossible client brief that lands on a Friday afternoon (like sourcing cars and providing drivers at no notice to travel to Norway for CBS TV’s Amazing Race)! Suffice to say, the unusual is very normal at AMCI….

We’re looking for a positive, charismatic and credible automotive-specialist event professional with the experience to plan for event success and, if required, deal calmly with problems big and small when under pressure during live events.

The majority of AMCI’s regular work is in the UK but we work all over Europe and frequently in North America, APAC and China. An enthusiasm to travel (sometimes for up to 2 weeks at a time) to oversee delivery of event programmes is a critical requirement of the role.

Could you do this:
Project Planning

  • Take a brief from a client directly, an AMCI internal stakeholder or spot an opportunity while with a client.
  • Design the drive elements of the event to suit the vehicle and the brand in question, balancing the needs of the client and their budget with the desired guest experience. This could be a race track experience or a public road test drive (many events include both) so and creating relevant parts of overall staff briefing packs is also an important task.
  • You would likely be working alongside an AMCI project manager responsible for the overall experience that the drive element forms 1 part of so would also need to appreciate the bigger picture.   
  • Work out how many people the event could serve with the number of cars available and the restrictions of the venue etc or workout what we need to make the event work for the number of guests the client would like to invite.
  • Produce documentation that allows staff and the client to see how the logistic of the event works, day plans, vehicle lists and project plans.
  • Support the staff bookings team to select the right staff to manage the drive elements of the event and help to match the skills required with the needs of the event, making sure the staff suit the brand we are working for.
  • Produce all the health and safety documentation for our insurance company
  • Attend site visits to make sure the venue is suitable for the event and can show the car to best effect.
  • Attend meetings with client to present and discuss the evolution of the project.

Live Event

  • On small events you may be the sole manager onsite with the drive team or part of a bigger AMCI event management team all there to deploy different elements of the event from catering to production.
  • Support the setup of the event and make sure the staff are trained on the brand and product.
  • Take delivery of a large fleet of cars and be responsible for returning them in perfect condition
  • Manage the logistics and timings relating to all car experience aspects of the event
  • Interacting with the guests and clients
  • Solving issues that arise from things like cars that have broken down or been crashed by a delegate.
  • Solving issues that arise from the clients request to change things at the last minute 
  • Manage the staff to ensure high standards are maintained even on long events

Core Skills and Responsibilities

1. To have a deep understanding of, knowledge on and passion for all things automotive
2. To be able to undertake detailed logistical planning for complex multi-venue, multi-vehicle automotive events. This will involve a strong ability to use all Microsoft Office applications.
3. To offer ideas for dynamics activities to showcase various product technology features and benefits Onsite event management of a professional driving team and other staff 
4. To be able and willing to operate and demonstrate in car technologies (satnavs, dynamic and autonomous safety systems) to client event guests and colleagues as required
5. To be able and keen to communicate with event guests and clients from all walks of life, acting as a brand ambassador for both AMCI and for the brand we are working for 
6. To take a lead on all health and safety / duty of care required for the safe running of events involving moving cars, including documenting and implementing process and procedures where required 
7. A good understanding or ability to learn how to operate and demonstrate in car technologies like satnavs, dynamic and autonomous safety systems 
8. To provide onsite management of suppliers and subcontractors, vehicle transport companies, valeting teams etc to ensure AMCI’s standards are supported by 3rd parties we are responsible for 
9. To onsite management of and leadership to large numbers of freelance drive staff (instructors, product experts, chauffeurs etc) and make sure all team members are always clear on their role and responsibilities over extended event periods 
11. To maintain a calm, professional and courteous demeanour including when under pressure including situations where a client brief changes whilst onsite, a car has broken down or an event guest has crashed an event vehicle 
12. Ideally, to demonstrate a high level of driving skill and complete understanding of road and traffic laws 
13. To be able to recognise and adapt to cultural etiquette nuances around the world to be able to work alongside clients and guests of all origins

If you are interested in this position, apply by sending us your cover letter and resume.

We thank all interested candidates in advance; however, only individuals selected for interviews will be contacted.

At AMCI we have an underlying belief that our company should reflect the society in which we live, be that Age, Disability, Education, Ethnicity, Gender, Gender identity, National Origin, Religion or Sexual Orientation. Simply, we believe that Inclusion and Diversity makes for a more stimulating and inspiring working environment, where people are treated with respect and can be comfortable being themselves. Embracing these different approaches and thinking helps deliver tangible and positive results for our clients’ businesses. AMCI’s Recruitment Privacy Policy is available on request.

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