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Race Team jobs are roles that are based trackside. These types of jobs range from Mechanics, Engineers, and Garage Technicians. They are responsible for setting up the equipment and cars when they arrive at a circuit and then ensure the car is running correctly during sessions.



Aero roles in motorsport study the motion of air flow around solid body parts and objects. The types of job roles you can expect to find in an Aero department are Aerodynamics, CFD Engineers, Aerodynamicists, Aerothermal and Wind Tunnel Technicians.


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Design jobs in motorsport are usually office based and are responsible for designing every aspect of the car and the parts, engines, and bodywork. The types of job title you can expect to find are Design Engineer, CAD Engineer, Composite Designer and Surface Designer.




Production jobs in motorsport are mostly factory based and use advanced machines and techniques such as moulds to manufacture race car parts. Roles could include CNC Machinists, Composite Technicians, Laminators and Trimmers. Some roles are night shifts and weekends.



Hospitality staff in motorsport usually plan and execute the hospitality programme at race events. Responsible for providing great guest experiences, responsibilities will include managing drivers and sponsors in hospitality units and ensuring everything is set up and on brand.




Marketing jobs in motorsport are extremely varied and can consist of social media, PR, Communications and Digital Marketing. Roles could include posting on social channels, designing creative to be used online or print and managing databases for email marketing.



IT jobs in motorsport are responsible for setting up and managing all computer and technology-based infrastructure. From ensuring hardware and software are set up correctly, to maintaining servers of data. Examples of job titles are Infrastructures Engineer, Cyber Security, Data Analyst, IT Developer, and IT Support Engineers.



Finance jobs in motorsport are responsible for ensuring budgets and expenditure are managed correctly. New roles have been created in the last couple of years to manage the F1 cost cap. Types of roles you’ll typically find in Finance are Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Management Account and Finance Director.



Media jobs in motorsport consist of journalists, editors, commentators, presenters, press & communications roles. There is often crossover with marketing teams who will collaborate to produce content. Some roles are done by freelancers but there are many media companies that have large market share.



Human Resources departments have expanded rapidly to drive diversity and inclusion in motorsport. HR roles are responsible for recruiting, interviewing and onboarding employees. Other tasks include ensuring training is provided and polices and administration procedures are followed correctly. 



Travel and Logistics job roles in motorsport are responsible for ensuring all equipment and personal are correctly and safely transported nationally and internationally, depending on the series. This involves lots of advanced planning and booking to ensure the shipping is efficient and effective.



Sales roles in motorsport incorporate partnerships, sponsorships & licensing and are all ultimately responsible for securing commercial agreements. Roles range from selling small adverts in programmes and guides, to securing multi-million-pound sponsorship agreements with the world’s largest companies.


Procurement in motorsport is a process that involves the acquisition of goods and services. Jobs titles include Buyers, procurement offices, supply chain managers, contract managers and category buyers. Tasks include agreeing to terms & conditions, securing the best prices, and managing documents, invoices, and receipts.


Fabricators in motorsport turns raw materials into finished components or product. In most fabricator motorsport roles, this means working with metal creating engine parts, exhausts, and chassis through welding using either MIG or TIG.