Senior Simulator Engineer


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Purpose of Role

The role is a Senior Engineer within Advanced Engineering, specifically in the Virtual Engineering sub-team. The sub-team has a focus on the use and development of virtual engineering methods for proof of concept/prototype work within Advanced Engineering, as well as supporting the activities of teams elsewhere in product development. A key component of this work revolves around 1D simulation and driver-in-loop simulators, both dynamic and static.

This role is biased towards the operation, maintenance, and development of the driver-in-loop simulators. Other roles in the sub-team are biased towards modelling (of both vehicles and surrounding environments), simulation methodologies and data management. However, the sub-team will operate in an agile manner, with significant overlap between areas of responsibility and hence opportunities to develop new skills.

Principal Accountabilities

As part of a small team, responsible for the operation, maintenance, and development of driver-in-loop simulators:

  • Manage and develop simulator peripheral systems, e.g. audio and visual systems, cockpit environments, data logging and data storage.
  • Work with other engineering teams to prepare and perform experiments and tests in the simulator, including model development and system integration.
  • Design and develop cueing and other driver feedback systems.

Additional responsibilities within the same small team, which is also responsible for the development of virtual engineering tools and frameworks:

  • Perform virtual proof of concept work and support virtual engineering activities across the wider business.
  • Design and maintain cross-department modelling frameworks, ensuring alignment with other simulation tools.
  • Support collaborative activities in the wider advanced engineering team.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • High quality degree in a relevant subject (Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Computer Science).
  • In depth first principles understanding across multiple engineering fields.
  • Strong experience in engineering testing, including data collection, and developing test procedures.
  • Experience in system modelling, with competence in MATLAB/Simulink, Python and C++.
  • Experience in simulation, ideally automotive simulation, at both high and low fidelity levels, including real-time applications.

Personal Attributes

  • Creative and curious – keen to generate ideas, innovate, and push boundaries.
  • Enthusiastic about learning new skills, unafraid to ask questions.
  • Rigorous and pragmatic approach, employing a strong understanding of relevant first principles.
  • Prepared to kill an idea/project when necessary, employing a fail-fast approach with key questions/risks addressed as early as possible.
  • Good interpersonal skills, and able to work cross-functionally with clear communication.
  • Able to work effectively both independently and within a team.
  • Proactive and fast-moving, to prevent/solve problems quickly.
  • Flexible approach, able to work across multiple concurrent projects.
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