R&D Design Engineer

At McLaren Racing, we believe only by chasing performance in everything we do can we give ourselves the best chance of success. Performance on track and in the factory. Performance for our people, our business and our partners. It’s about more than winning. It’s about hitting the highest standards, and then raising the bar again.

Purpose of the Role:

The main purpose of the role is to design mechanical systems, assemblies and components for the R&D test facilities, including the wind tunnel, various rigs and dynos, measurement systems and test instrumentation, the models or items under test, and the race car. The work will be primarily mechanical design, including follow up work to oversee pre-fit, assembly, test and installation. You will further contribute to ad-hoc R&D projects in collaboration with other racing departments, which target the wider performance improvement of current and future race car marques and the efficiency of race operations.

Role Dimensions:

  • The role sits in the Research & Development team, which is responsible for the R&D test facilities in general, and the technology systems and sensors in wind tunnel, test rigs and on race car in particular.
  • The role will involve close cooperation with the rest of the Research & Development team (designers, systems engineers and technical operators) as well as with software engineers, data analysts, model makers, model designers, and the wider Technical division in Racing.
  • This role is factory based at MTC (or periods of WFH as agreed with your manager in line with company policy) but may involve occasional travel to test facility and/or trackside operations i.e. travel and work outside the UK.
  • This role is predominantly carried out during standard working hours, but will sometimes include additional hours and occasional weekends.


  • Produce schemes for solutions to mechanical problems, improvements, development of the wind tunnel model, race car instrumentation, tunnel and test facilities etc.
  • Detail design of parts and assemblies for R&D design projects, which include systems for the scale wind tunnel model, wind tunnel systems, test rigs etc.
  • Design of jig and tooling components for manufacture, set up and testing of components
  • Complete detail drawings that have all the required data for manufacture and / or model shop preparation (e.g. hole details / tolerancing / aero surface finish / part mark)
  • · Work with the other participants in a process – manufacturing, purchasing, model shop, technicians, end users – to provide the necessary information and support throughout the delivery process and to ensure that the final product meets all requirements
  • Liaising with other technical groups including aerodynamics, FE, electronics, trackside, etc. as well as suppliers to the successful design and safe and reliable deployment of all projects
  • · Delivery of complete projects, fit for purpose and to the satisfaction of the Senior Manager, model shop, wind tunnel management, design office, aero department or race team
  • Create a specification/design of test equipment required, plus organise and oversee necessary rig testing to prove out parts
  • Complete assembly drawings and associated set-up information which enable the model shop or rig operators to prepare effectively and the tunnel, rigs or dynos to install and test efficiently
  • Clearly understand the departmental procedures (e.g. part nomenclature, assembly structure, part release, design best practice etc) and ensure these procedures are adhered to
  • Maintain a good working knowledge of both wind tunnel model and race car construction, its sub-systems, and those of the wind tunnel itself and all associated rigs as required
  • Answer feedback / faults from the wind tunnel, rigs or track and close out previous issues when designing upgrades
  • Data analysis, reporting of results and project progress in a clear, concise and structured manner and making recommendations for improvements and next steps
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