Pit Crew Member


Team Penske is a championship-caliber team that operates in the ever-changing and challenging motorsports industry. Team Penske is one of the most successful teams in the history of professional sports. Our teams have competed in a variety of disciplines and have produced over 600 race wins, and 43 Series Championships. Those championships include the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series and IndyCar Series titles.

Our pit crews contribute greatly to our continued success on the racetrack.  The pit crews train and work out on a regimented schedule to perfect the timing and coordination of on-track pit crew and racecar performance.  Members of the pit crew go over the wall during pit stops and perform duties based on their position on the team.  Pit crew duties may include jacking the racecar, changing tires, fueling, and making adjustments to the racecar.  The goal of the pit crew is to get the car and driver back on the racetrack as quickly as possible for optimal performance and track position. 

Pit crew team members are subject to periodic drug screenings during employment per sanctioning body guidelines.    

Along with an exciting work environment, Team Penske offers competitive pay and benefit packages.

A great fit for becoming a Team Penske Pit Crew Member includes the following qualities:

  • Highly Motivated & Competitive
  • Athletic
  • Extremely Coachable
  • Engaging Team Player
  • Mentally Tough
  • Athletic Success at the Collegiate and/or Professional or Semi-Professional Level


  • Train as a team and attend all practice and workout sessions; organized by the Sports Performance and Pit Crew Coaches.
  • Travel to the racetrack to work and pit the racecar on race weekends.
  • Assist with setup and tear down of pit road equipment and/or area. 
  • Help to maintain pit equipment to be race-ready and available. 
  • Perform pit crew duties on pit road, during race events quickly and correctly.  
  • Make precise adjustments to the racecar quickly and correctly, as needed, during pit stops on pit road.
  • Learn race series rules and regulations to ensure compliance at all times.
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism both on and off the track while representing Team Penske.   


  • Basic understanding of automotive parts.
  • Able to travel 37+ weekends a year.
  • Able to work flexible and changing hours, including weekends and holidays. 
  • Able to lift and carry 100 lbs independently with proper technique. 
  • Able to perform the physical requirements of a professional-level athlete (i.e. jump, run, squat, lift, etc.). 
  • Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills for precision pit crew duties.
  • Able to operate pit equipment as needed (i.e. car jack, etc.). 
  • Previous athletic experience at the collegiate, semi-professional or professional level; required.
  • Previous pit crew instruction and/or experience is a plus. 




Team Penske