Perceived Quality Lead Engineer

What to Expect

We are recruiting for a Perceived Quality Lead Engineer, to join our Perceived Quality team in Woking. As the Perceived Quality Lead Engineer you will be pivotal in shaping the early stages of design for future vehicle projects, ensuring that product quality standards are met and integrated into the design process. Your responsibilities include setting quality targets, drafting specifications, and designing components.

Additionally, you will analyse data from internal and external sources to identify and address current product issues, contributing to ongoing product enhancement. This dynamic position encompasses a broad range of duties, from managing resources and overseeing project milestones to finalizing engineering releases and supporting the vehicle launch process.

What You'll Do

Product Quality Standard coordination:

  • As the sole representative of Perceived Quality at each project specific meeting, it will be your responsibility to ensure that the PQ targets are deployed and understood by each business unit area with any activities affecting them. It is also key to ensure that customer quality aspects are considered throughout, and the right decisions are made based with the quality targets in mind.
  • Achieving all project gateway milestones is key to the successful delivery of all new products. Therefore, you will be required to coordinate the completion of all revenant Perceived Quality MDP deliverables for the ongoing programmes.

Perceived Quality coordination:

  • Perceived Quality (PQ) is a collection of subjective and objective factors which have an influence on the customer’s perception of the overall worth of the vehicle, with respect to its intended purpose and benchmark competitors. The PQ team finds and delivers design and engineering solutions for Perceived Quality factors on future vehicle programmes.
  • Collaborating closely with the Perceived Quality specialist to communicate all Perceived Quality targets and aspects to the program team. Evaluate product and process design capabilities against critical quality targets for major vehicle systems, identify and manage virtual problems early in the product development stage, and communicate findings to the business to find optimal design solutions. Ensure accuracy and consistency of Perceived Quality targets for ongoing programs.
  • Implementing a climate of best-practice and continuous improvement in PQ procedures and solutions. This includes evolving or refreshing all current Design Guides, PQ documents, and McLaren standards.
  • Overseeing and coordinating the PQ processes and Standards in the McLaren Standard Library.
  • Communicating the principles of PQ to the McLaren engineering community to encourage adherence. Effectively communicate concerns to senior management for concept/business decisions.
  • Creating Perceived Quality Virtual Audit schedule for CAS and CAD releases.
  • Co-ordinating lessons-learned activities at the successful completion of each engineering sign-off milestone.

What You'll Bring

  • You will need to be degree-qualified in a relevant Engineering discipline, Product Design or Consumer Science.
  • This role requires in-depth specialist knowledge of one of these fields. Awards received during study or work will be influential.
  • Be able to demonstrate design (aesthetic) empathy through work experience or personal projects.
  • Require exceptionally good MS Office Skills Knowledge.
  • CATIA CAD software or Alias/ICEMSurf CAS software is not necessary but would be a benefit.
  • Knowledge of the English language must be good (at least European C1 level)

What We'll Do for You

We offer a wide – ranging benefits package, which includes:

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