Logistics Technician/Transport Driver

The Employee shall assist in the following activities, among others:

  1. Truck Driving
    1. Driving one of the PPM trucks and trailers to all domestic test and race events
    2. Parking / Line up the trucks as required at the events
    3. Loading and Unloading of all items necessary for race & test execution.


  1. Maintain a current license for driving commercial vehicles inside of Germany and the EU.


  1. Courier trips & vehicle transport at/from the homebase 
  2. Cleaning of trucks and trailers before and after events.
  3. Operating truck and trailer in a safe and legal manner at all times.
  4. Aide in staying current on maintenance, scheduling service, vehicle registrations, and other repairs on all PPM Trucks, Trailers, Shop Vehicles, and equipment.



  1. Tire and Wheel handling at the races and at the homebase in Mannheim
    1. technician for the handling and preparation of all racing tires allocated to one racing car. 
    2. Support work for tire-related operations like tire-checking, assigning, marking, scanning, balancing, heating, etc. at the circuit.
    3. Support of tire fitting and preparation with the responsible team’s tire technicians.
    4. Cleaning, inspection, life tracking, sensor maintenance, etc.
  2. Logistical Work at events
    1. Set up and dismantling of pit-box/tent/awning arrangements to established specifications including setting up all necessary equipment.
    2. Ensure professional presentation and cleanliness of trucks, garage, and paddock space at the highest level at all times during events.
    3. Forklift operation at racetrack events.
    4. Maintain current forklift training and certifications as required.





  1. Logistical work at the company homebase in Mannheim
    1. Maintenance and cleaning work on any of the team’s equipment
    2. Storage work on team’s equipment
    3. Support work on carnets, load lists, other documentation, planning shipments to and from ports
    4. Forklift operation at the homebase

Maintain current forklift training and certifications as required.

Porsche Penske Motorsport