Design Engineer, Monocoque Installation

At McLaren Racing, we believe only by chasing performance in everything we do can we give ourselves the best chance of success. Performance on track and in the factory. Performance for our people, our business and our partners. It’s about more than winning. It’s about hitting the highest standards, and then raising the bar again.

Purpose of the role:

  • Layout and design the installations within the composite monocoque for F1 Race car to achieve a solution which optimises opportunities for composite structures, electrical and systems installations whilst providing an environment for the drivers to perform at their peak performance level.
  • Take a leading role integrating the driver into to the cockpit. Understand and evaluate driver performance and comfort requirements, designing innovative solutions to all contact points with the monocoque and driver controls.
  • Understand all regulations regarding driver fitting and safety aspects. Co-ordinate, plan and integrate with internal production departments and outside suppliers regarding components such as safety harness, fire extinguishers and driver apparel.
  • The role will involve understanding and developing the topology and mechanical specification of hoses and harness, creating CAD routings, box positions, and associated brackets, conduits, cooling ducts and mounting components; including any manufacturing tooling required.
  • Reporting to the Head of Monocoque but integrate closely with all design groups
  • Research and implement new technologies to create unique solutions to driver, hose, and harness installations in the car.
  • Work with Aerodynamics Departments to understand packaging constraints and support future aerodynamic development directions.


  • Conceptual and detail design of internal cockpit layout
  • Conceptual and detail design of driver installation, hose and harness routes, conduits, brackets, retention saddles, secondary locking details and boots
  • Digital mock-up review and reporting of all parts through design evolution.
  • Weight analysis and reporting of installation masses.
  • When required, to assist in mechanical and composite design-work across monocoque, bodywork, suspension, and transmission groups.
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