Calibration Methodology Engineer

For many fans of Formula One, the sport exists between lights and chequered flag on a Sunday afternoon. It begins and ends with the exploits of the drivers on the track. But this is merely the tip of the spear. The reality of modern F1 is that of a complex and intertwined operation, every part of which needs to perform near its limit if success is to be achieved. From the pit crew searching for the ultimate repeatable pit stop, to the inspiration of the designers, the application of engineers and the herculean efforts of an army of fabricators and machinists. Much of our success is thanks to the diversity of thought and spectrum of skill sets held within the team, our ability to recognise unique contributions from individual team members is just a part of why we love what we do.

Job Description

Red Bull Powertrains is a Formula One power unit manufacturing company and the newest addition to the Red Bull Technology Campus in Milton Keynes. Formed in 2021, Red Bull Powertrains is continuously expanding the team of experienced and talented engineers from different backgrounds, all working towards developing a championship winning Power Unit that will comply with 2026 regulations.

We are looking for a Calibration Methodology Developer to join our team. In this role you will work closely with the engineering teams to extract insights from data collected during testing, practice sessions, and race events. Your role will involve developing and implementing automation and data analysis techniques to enhance the calibration and controls team's methodology to extract performance from the PU and contribute to the team's overall success.

Key accountabilities of the Calibration Methodology Developer role:

  • Technical lead within the Calibration and Controls team for multi-platform process automation.

  • Bespoke data analysis interrogating multiple data sources individually or simultaneously (ATLAS, Concerto, Tempest, Telemetry Store).

  • Calibration tool development.

  • Calibration process automation to populate parameters from real data or calibration models (ASCMO interface).

  • Test process automation (SiL, HiL, Component Rigs, Dyno).

  • Develop offline simulation extraction tools and simulation interfaces.

  • Develop automated correlation routines between different variants of simulation plant models or between simulation and dyno.

  • Develop easy to use user interfaces and/or file handling systems (real-time platform replay functionality, parameter exchange between ECU and other platforms).

Key competencies of the Calibration Methodology Developer role:

  • Strong background in data analysis, script writing and automation.

  • Experience working with scripting and high-level programming languages such as Python, MATLAB, C#.

  • Proficient in data visualization techniques and tools such as Tableau, Power BI, or similar.

  • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to derive actionable insights from complex data.

  • Strong attention to detail and ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced racing environment.

At Red Bull Powertrains we offer more than just a job. Beyond competitive salaries, our comprehensive benefits package includes private health care, life assurance, and a company-contributed pension scheme. You’ll also enjoy perks like an on-site gym, fitness classes, daily food allowance, free barista style hot drinks, and of course, lots of Red Bull to keep you firing on all cylinders! Join our team and contribute to the exceptional group of people who consistently propel our grand prix car to victory on the grid year after year. 

Fri, 7 Jun 2024

Red Bull Powertrains