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Kreft Moto is a KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas suspension tuning company which started in Adam Krefting’s garage in 2011. Today it is one of the largest suspension tuners in the country and has a growing catalogue of aftermarket products. Kreft stands out in the industry with data-driven tuning methods, proprietary performance upgrades, and unmatched customer service. https://www.kreftmoto.com/

CushCore transforms tubeless mountain bike tires into a suspension system with a tune-able air spring and foam damper. As the original performance tire insert, CushCore dominates the mountain bike industry and has earned multiple World Cup Championships. https://cushcore.com/ 

Kreft Moto and CushCore are sister companies operating at shared headquarters in Bend, Oregon.



We are seeking a full-time Test and Development Engineer.

This position will work alongside an experienced team of engineers to design, prototype, and test motorcycle suspension components and settings as well as new CushCore products and designs.

This is a rare opportunity for the right person. Our engineers have substantial control over the development process, from ideation to final product. A creative and motivated engineer will influence the future of our products and the direction of the companies.  We’ve seen the greatest success with candidates who share our:

  • Desire to “ask questions” and “seek to provide solutions”
  • Interest and enthusiasm in supporting and implementing the fundamentals of “Kaizen”
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and curious approach

Our work is a true passion for the crew at Kreft Moto and CushCore. We are looking for someone who shares a similar drive to enhance the two-wheel riding experience.  On Fridays, after all-company office clean-up, we support 3:30 closing and often teammates hit the trails together.


The following duties are not intended to serve as a comprehensive list of all duties performed by all employees in this classification. The below are intended to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities. 

  • Component and system data acquisition of Kreft Moto and CushCore products
  • Conceptual development of product ideas
  • Design using CAD software (we use Fusion 360)
  • Fabricating prototypes for testing
  • Test and iterate prototypes to refine design
  • Design for manufacturing, including manufacturing process, material selection, and 2D drawings with manufacturing tolerances
  • Deliver product specifications and procedures to the manufacturer for production purposes


  • BS or MS in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
  • AUTO, Motorcycle, or bicycle industry experience
  • Hands-on prototyping 
  • 2+ years’ experience in a similar position

Preferred – Experience, SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS 

  • Test engineering/data acquisition
  • Vehicle suspension system design and testing
  • Pneumatic tire design and testing
  • FEA / CFD
  • Computer programming (modeling and simulation of physical systems)
  • Manual and CNC machining experience
  • 3D CAD modeling
  • Spec manufacturing tolerances and produce engineering drawings


Job Type: 

Full-time, salaried 

Salary Range: 

$58,000 to $82,000 (annual)


more about us: Kreft moto & CushCore

Kreft Moto and CushCore design and manufacture performance products for mountain bikes and off-road motorcycles. Our products include patented innovations like CushCore tire inserts, a foam damper for tubeless tires, and Revalve Control, an instant suspension adjustment system.

The companies were founded by Adam Krefting, an engineer and former elite off-road racer. As sister companies, our teams seek to collaborate and maximize synergies as well as shared interests and expertise. Many on the team are lifelong riders and racers, however, we are all united through our personal and professional dedication to growing our brands. We foster open communication throughout the company and encourage staff to exercise creative freedom in their work.

Our history demonstrates we have a knack for developing original ideas into successful products. Our future in these competitive industries depends on our ability to stay ahead of the established players.

At Kreft Moto, we stay focused on the bikes we know and ride. This approach delivers better performance and a better experience for our customers. Innovative products such as the PowerDial, Revalve Control, and CentrifugeXL separate Kreft Moto from the competition. 

  • “This is hands down the best suspension I’ve ever ridden … I’m blown away!”

– David Pingree, Racer X Illustrated

The suspension development experience gained in Kreft Moto led the company to investigate tires and tire inflation systems - an area with outstanding but underutilized potential for performance improvement. In 2014, founder, Adam Krefting began prototyping the product that would eventually become CushCore.  Following 2-years of intensive development and testing, CushCore launched in the fall of 2016. In early 2017, the product was adopted by top racers in the Enduro World Series and World Cup Downhill circuits, and by 2018 was in use by half the professional field. CushCore’s “Tire Suspension System” earned media acclaim for improving overall ride quality, an area in which it is still unique in the mountain bike industry. CushCore’s patented “tire suspension” is proven to reduce shock and vibration, improve grip and cornering stability, and reduce rolling resistance and fatigue for mountain bikers of all riding levels.

Kreft Moto/CushCore