Race Mechanic - WEC




Basic Function: Team member is directly responsible for the preparation and build of race cars. Including car performance, safety, reliability, and technical inspection compliance. International and domestic travel is expected and required for this position.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Manage and execute assembly, disassembly, and maintenance of Porsche Penske Motorsport race cars in support of the above-mentioned series and a safe and efficient manner.
  • Communicate with mechanics, managers, race engineers and supporting departments to build race cars.
  • Meeting specified deadlines for race car preparation while executing a high level of racecar preparation.
  • Loading the race car on the transporters for safe and on-time transport of vehicle to each venue.
  • Making the necessary adjustments to the car according to established procedures for each race and test event by collaborating with managers, chief mechanics, drivers, and engineers to meet design specifications and achieve desired results.
  • Disassembling, cleaning, and non-destructive testing of race car components.
  • Work in support of all mileage tracking and parts management programs. Supply build sheets and mileage sheets and input data into these programs.
  • Maintaining accurate records of changes on all adjustable components of the car during post-race teardown, i.e., recording suspension lengths, pedal positions, tracking serial #’s, etc.
  • International and domestic travel with the team to races and tests to ensure the racecar is properly functioning in preparation for successful on-track performance is expected and required for this position.
  • Rule book understanding of areas that pertain to technical specifications, event procedures and pit lane rules.
  • Maintain a professional and clean appearance of race cars, equipment at the shop and the track. Keeping work area clean and always organized. 
  • Develop ideas that will increase car performance, reliability, and crew efficiently.
  • Safekeeping and proper use of all company property issued during employment including uniforms, tools, toolboxes, electronic devices and any other productivity tools.
  • Participating in the Porsche Penske Motorsport Workout Program designed to maximize physical strength and endurance to remain competitive at a professional level.
  • Participation in the pit stop crew.

Skills Required:

  • 4+ years’ experience as race mechanic on any race cars series.
  • Demonstrate a complete understanding of set-up specifications for race cars and the appropriate safety mechanisms for each component.
  • Must meet professional level performance criteria to be a member of the pit crew.
  • Must be able to interpret and follow set-up designs for individual race and test events.
  • Intimate knowledge of mechanical components, electronics, and structural framework of race cars.
  • High school diploma or equivalent, basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills.
  • Ability to communicate to all team members.
  • Be able to interpret and follow set-up designs for individual race and test events.
  • Have wide knowledge of mechanical components, electronics, and structural framework of race cars.
  • Must be proficient in using precision measuring devices.
  • Computer skills including Microsoft office programs: Xcel, Word, Teams, One Note, Outlook, Share Point, One Drive. These programs will also be utilized with a smart phone.
  • Must be able to concentrate on detailed work for long periods.
  • Work environment contains hazardous chemicals and fumes. Must be able to demonstrate knowledge of emergency safety procedures and an ability to use safety equipment correctly.

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