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EM Motorsport was founded in 2003 with the aim of developing and producing safety equipment in Motorsport, always favoring technology and innovation.

Thus were born in 2007 two products that will be fundamental in increasing safety in races and circuits around the world: The Marshalling System and the ADR (Accident Data Recorder).

Taking advantage of the potential capabilities of the Marshalling System, new features have been introduced over the years that have allowed the various Championships, in addition to increasing safety, to improve their performance, such as: the DRS (Drag Reduction System) or the VSC (Virtual Safety Car).

Continuing its propensity for innovation, EM Motorsport introduces electronic flags to F1 in 2009, developing an innovative technology based on LED light panels.

This solution has made it possible not only to improve the visibility of danger signals in all weather conditions, but also to allow the Marshalls to locate themselves in positions of maximum safety.

This innovation was considered so important that in 2019 FIA made the use of light panels mandatory on all circuits in the world.

Meanwhile, EM Motorsport had already equipped the circuits of Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Suzuka, Kuwait, Miami, Sochi, etc with its panels, demonstrating the reliability and quality of its products, subjected to extreme weather conditions.

The commitment to safety has also led to the development of other products such as: ADR, a logger that allows the monitoring of severity of the accident and give information to first responders and the EPA (Ear Piece Accelerometers), a system that, introduced into the driver's ear canal, it allows to acquire the decelerations and movements suffered by the driver's brain and his body temperature.

These parameters, through the Marshalling System, can be monitored in real time, allowing fast and targeted interventions by the rescuers.

EM Motorsport is always at the forefront of safety systems with its innovations and the quality of its products.

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