Simulation Development Engineer

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McLaren Advanced Projects

McLaren Advanced Projects (MAP) is a multidisciplinary engineering unit that works on many of the most ambitious technical challenges at McLaren Racing. The newly created function is designed to innovate and unlock performance across various racing series operating worldwide.

But racing is just the start. McLaren Advanced Projects also collaborates with McLaren Automotive on hypercars and supercars, and undertakes projects on a wide range of scientific and engineering projects for our partners.

Within McLaren Advanced Projects, we assemble integrated teams to work across the full development process from concept to release, drawing on 60 years of continuous development in F1 and beyond. Team members bring a wide range of skills to bear on our projects, from aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics to lightweight structures and composites, data science and advanced simulations.

Purpose of the Role

To develop cutting edge simulation tools at the forefront of vehicle dynamics simulation in close collaboration with our software and data science engineers. These simulation tools will enable us to accelerate the development and overall performance of our various motorsport programmes in Racing as well as high-end road cars. Furthermore, you will take part in research projects with external partners in various disciplines of engineering.

Accountabilities and Responsibilities

  • Innovation in the area of Vehicle Dynamics simulation, proposing and developing new ideas to enable us to maximise the information extracted from our vehicle models.
  • Timely delivery and support of high quality simulation and software tools.
  • Smooth running of simulation tools from a user perspective
  • Adherence to coding standards throughout our code-base, setting an example to other members of the team and providing guidance in best practice.
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