Engine / Machinist Assistant

With continued growth we are looking for a crucial team member to keep our projects on a steady work flow schedule.


Knowledge of acceptable engine machining and rebuilding practices 

Performance oriented work

Attention to detail 

Self learning

Serdi - manual machine experience - setup consistency


Personal attributes -

3-5 years experience in an engine repair and machine shop environment

Solid knowledge of automotive systems and basic machine operation

Experience with machines and machining processes (valve/seat, CNC and manual machines)

Eye for detail and high standards of work quality 

Experience with factory and aftermarket automotive components

Ability to be flexible in multiple work areas

Ability to work well as a team member 

Strong ability to self manage time and workflow 

History of dedication to previous workplace


Job role - 

Responsibilities will be blended between engine / gearbox servicing and machine shop processing

Many tasks will require knowledge and ability to work between these two areas of the shop

Assist with basic disassembly of engines, gearboxes, and associated parts

Cleaning and basic inspection of all parts disassembled

Preparation of engine components for machining or reconditioning

Final cleaning and preparation of parts for reassembly


Processing raw material through CNC machines for production runs

Cleaning and deburring of machined parts

Preparation of machined parts for cosmetic finishes (powder coat, cad plating, anodizing)

Packaging and kit assembly of final products 


Maintaining a clean and organized work environment in the engine, gearbox, and machine shop areas

Maintenance of associated tools and machines used


Basic understanding of reading prints with a good knowledge of GD+P Fundamentals

Properly be able to read and document engine components measurements.

Ability to use Micrometers, Internal diameter bore gauges, as well as Mechanical Outside Micrometers


At a high level - 

Assist with engine harness preparation (wire lengths cut, basic layout)

Assist with dyno setup and operation 

Assist with engine trim out/reassembly 


Unternehmen / Organisation: 
Patrick Motorsports