Electronics Track Support Assistant


EM Motorsport is an industry leading electronic manufacturing company that supplies equipment and systems to high end Motorsport series. The job involves working as part of the Track Support team that delivers safety equipment and marshalling systems to the IndyCar Championship. You will be working closely with the race series organizers, race control officials and team’s technicians in order to ensure the correct preparation, delivery, installation, operation and evolution of the systems provided by EM Motorsport. Because of the nature of the professional motorsport industry the role involves working unusual hours, evenings and weekends as well as regular travel.

Tasks and duties

The following are the main tasks and duties required for the role. The Electronics Track Support Assistant may also be called upon to undertake other tasks and duties from time to time.

  • Attend race and test events as required
  • Assist in the pre and post event equipment maintenance and preparation
  • Setup of equipment setup at the event
  • Record the allocation of units, manage mileage and usage
  • Organise spare units stock at the track and factory
  • Analyzing collated data at events 
  • Maintain and update daily event report and issues list
  • Support the Senior Track Support Engineer as required.
  • Unit management throughout the season and servicing of on car units.
  • Track faults/issues and repairs to conclusion
  • Liaise with equipment suppliers and providers
  • Support of in-house development tests.


The Electronics Track Support Assistant is expected to perform all the tasks and duties given with care and diligence, however they will be responsible for ensuring the following is performed or completed correctly (i.e. without supervision or checking):

  • Ensure that all equipment is operational and correctly configured at events (in cooperation with Senior staff)
  • Publication of a concise, complete and timely daily and end of event report (in cooperation with Senior staff)
  • Organizing and reviewing downloaded data
  • Raising any and all faults/issues and returning all faulty equipment for investigation
  • Organizing unit allocation, stock and maintenance (e.g. winter refurbs, mileage and spares stock)
  • Tasks and activities as appropriately delegated by the Senior Track Support Engineer
  • Maintaining a tidy working area at all times (both trackside and in the factory)
  • Representing EM Motorsport in a professional manner at all times
  • Being well organised when travelling and working away (e.g. packing, passport, punctuality)

Personal qualities and attributes

The person performing the role of Electronics Track Support Assistant should have the following personal attributes:

  • Ability to read and write detailed and concise technical reports
  • Knowledge on electronic technologies (HW and SW)
  • Basic knowledge in data processing and sensors management
  • Basic know how in mechanical drawing and design with Computer Aided Design
  • Methodical when approaching problems and technical issues
  • Procedurally driven when performing duties (e.g. use of existing procedures and proposal for new)
  • Thorough in attitude towards work tasks
  • Proactive as opposed to reactive by nature. IE someone that will anticipate a problem before it happens.
  • Good computer literacy (i.e. familiarity with using MS Windows/Office packages and network resources)
  • Excellent time keeping and punctuality
  • Effective personal organisation (e.g. when preparing for international travel)
  • Good communication skills (e.g. concise, clear, timely and appropriate media used).
  • Approachable and amenable (i.e. welcoming to communications from customers and colleagues)
  • Calm and controlled when presented with challenging situations
  • Previous motorsport experience is not essential but 1 or 2 years within the industry would be advantageous.
  • The applicant will require a full driving license and valid passport.