Commercial Development Manager

Commercial Development Manager


We are United Autosports, the Leading Endurance Race Team in the UK and we looking for our next Team Member to join us in a new role for the business. Professional motorsport teams, rely upon sustainable income through selling their commercial rights and this has a significant bearing on the development of the racing organisation. As a business and as a team we have grown and grown and grown and are now at a significantly important stage of our evolution.


This is a new role that will report directly into our Chief Commercial Officer and Chairman and will be responsible for the tactical and operational aspects of developing and growing a more commercial trajectory for us. Being a professional sports industry rights holder the nature of this role while similar to other business development roles is unique as the outlook of the role at all times will be multi-faceted and diverse in its nature. Where someone in a normal BDM role would be responsible for sales relating to a core product or general income stream, our requirements are far more diversified, complex and expansive.


You would be responsible for the on the ground lead sourcing across a spectrum of commercial income opportunities but primarily these will be crafting well thought-through partnership opportunities. Whilst we are UK based, it is a very much a global prospecting remit. From securing partnership deals with local companies, to gaining sponsorship deals with major international corporations, the opportunities are endless and we need a dedicated and ambitious person to put their energy, creative thoughts and detailed attention in to nurturing these lines of prospecting.


As an individual you will be used to working and operating in a commercial team with proven success, you will also be highly tenacious, resilient and creative with a strong commercial understanding.


Being patient and ambitious, self motivated and dynamic, you will take the reins of sourcing all leads and prospecting for us across all aspects of our racing programmes and other business operations to build and drive great leads and opportunities that support and help build our exciting future.


You will be responsible for:


  • Creating opportunities across all areas of potential revenue generation or cost-saving in relation to sponsorship / partnership deals / Value-In-Kind supplier deals
  • Nurturing the prospecting and ongoing relationships with our commercial relationships
  • Creating and managing a database that can be operationalised and used to help manage potential leads efficiently and proactively
  • Building trust and mutually agreeable relationships
  • Supporting the Chairman, the Chief Commercial Officer, the MD, and Marketing Function in all activities relating to events, tours, commercially focused revenue generating activity as is required and asked.
  • Proactive and dynamic management of prospecting and opportunity management
  • Protecting and nurturing the high integrity brand of United Autosports through delivering good business in a thoughtful and honourable way
  • Adept at understanding and using data and your implicit experience to qualify opportunities in an efficient manner



You will:


  • Be competent in communication, influencing and stakeholder management
  • Have experience of the sports marketing  space and understand the needs and desires and requirements of high net worth individuals and businesses
  • Treat all potential customers, sponsors, clients with respect, integrity and a positive attitude
  • Be dynamic but patient, proactive but thoughtful, considered and present
  • Be resilient and persistent, organised, efficient with a keen eye for opportunities and detail
  • Be able to attend most days at the United Autosports headquarters and be available to attend race events, trade shows etc as required


The successful candidate will have the right to work in the UK, will be expected to travel extensively, globally as part of the role and be based in Yorkshire as a full time team member.