VORTEX manufactures its cars in Hérault in Pézenas, under the leadership of Arnaud and Olivier Gomez. Between them, they have more than 50 years of experience in motor racing.

Together they design, build and meticulously assemble racing cars that can adapt to the most demanding drivers, as well as gentlemen's drivers who wish to compete in French or International championships.

The VORTEX have a unique and aggressive design, and simple, efficient and reliable mechanics (6.2 l Chevrolet V8). Their goal is to enable everyone to climb the national and international podiums.

With 2.0, the manufacturer's main objective is to gain top speed, while retaining the characteristics that made the reputation of its predecessor: speed in curves, rigidity and stability. From then on, the choice was made to switch to a Carbon structure for the chassis (FIA certified), the bodywork and the crash box. If all the design and conception were done in-house, the international design offices of Auxal and Mygale contributed their knowledge.

For the moment, the 2.0 retains its proven Chevrolet Corvette V8 6.2L LS3 engine, which has contributed greatly to the reliability of the Vortex for years. The block installed in the central rear position will be coupled to the new Sadev SLR90 gearbox (carrying gearbox with conical torque at the rear for centering the masses), with paddles on the steering wheel, the 2.0 will retain gullwing doors.

The aerodynamics have been completely reworked to gain top speed, while retaining the characteristics that made the reputation of our previous GT: speed in cornering, rigidity and stability.

We have particularly worked on the CX of the car in order to benefit from real top speed. For this we made sure to lower the driver's head while having a driving position adapted to endurance. For down force, our 3 major axes were ground effect (from the front blade to the rear diffuser), power supply to the rear wing, and the rear wing itself. Other areas such as the cooling of the various reliability elements have been worked on.

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11-50 employees
Sportscars, Motorsport
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Race Engineer, Race Mechanics, Team Assistant, Chief Mechanic, No.1 Mechanic, No.2 Mechanic, Mechanic

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Philippe Bonnel 
+33 (0)6 85 45 66 60
34120 Pézenas, France 03/27/2024
Mechanic | Race Engineer | Race Mechanics

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Fondé en 2015 et installé à Pézenas dans l’Hérault (34), VORTEX est à la fois une écurie de compétition et un constructeur Français de voitures de course.