Director of Operations

Position Title:     Director of Operations                                   Date:      May 2023

Department:       Operations                                                    Position: Exempt

Reports to:         President & General Manager        



The Director of Operations is responsible for the proper execution in accordance with event agreements.  Events include series, facility rentals, event rentals, and all other events that may occur within the Laguna Seca Recreation Area.  Responsible for providing direction and manage personnel within the Operations Department.  Positions include Event Operations & Hospitality Manager, Track Rental Supervisor, Track Rental Coordinator, and Security Manager.  Ultimately responsible for the professional execution by the Operations team for all events and track rentals.  To work in cooperation with other departments with clear direction provided specifying the needs of the operation in fulfilling agreements.


  • Daily Functions
    1. Responsible for overseeing year-around Track Rental Program to include the Track Rental Coordinator, Track Operations Supervisor, track condition, safety team and all required service vendors. 
    2. To ensure that all track rental agreements are executed as required and on track policies are managed as agreed upon by the renter.
    3. Management of the Security Department and private security, as required, for event support.
    4. Ensure that office area, exterior paddock and associated buildings and garages are kept in a clean and professional manner.
  • Sanctioning Body and Team Functions
    1. Coordination with sanctioning bodies.  Familiarization with event sanction agreements is required to ensure A&D compliance
    2. Direct the work of track suppliers and contracted personnel to design, plan and execute required sanctioning body requirements.
    3. Representative of A&D in discussions with sanctioning body personnel and team representatives to make decisions and adjustments as needed during the event weekend.
    4. Creation of the team/crew information packet sent to competitors at each event.  This will involve the setting of team rules and regulations, the creation of forms, maps, and guides.
    5. Involved with Track Manager regarding all professional track surface or technical equipment evaluations associated with the operation of the track, or as required by sanctioning bodies.
    6. With President/GM, involved with the negotiations of all major events, facility rentals, or special activities requesting the use of Laguna Seca Recreation Area.
  • General Event Functions
    1. Create AutoCAD map of paddock and associated areas for each event, including paddock layout.
    2. Create individual hospitality, tent schematics in AutoCAD for RMA and Fire Department for approval. Assist with additional requests for CAD drawings as requested by Event Operations & Hospitality Manager.
    3. Create and execute comprehensive On Track event schedules
    4. Responsible for the content, revisions, and distribution of the event minute by minute on a set schedule prior to the event and each day of the event with updates.
    5. Oversee and manages in cooperation with the Director of Marketing the WRLS Pace Car Program.
    6. Proper execution of all race agreements.
    7. Professional and effective oral communication, written correspondence, and preparation of reports as needed.
    8. Act as a liaison for the client to ensure successful execution of program and see that their needs and expectations are met.
    9. Develop, revise, and enforce standard operating procedures for the department. To include track manuals, safety manuals and others as required. 
    10. Work closely with the different governmental agencies involved in each event.  County of Monterey, Health Department, Fire Department, Resource Management Agency as well as the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control, FAA, Navy, Air Force, Air National Guard, etc.  Prepare all required permit applications and drawings. Schedule all service vendors as required to include inspections.
    11. Involved in the annual budgeting and financial monitoring of the Operations Department.  Ensure standard operating procedures are utilized as it relates to controls, developing event proformas and financial review.
    12. Resolve issues presented by clients in accordance with established policies and procedures.
    13. Ability to provide detailed directions to volunteers.
    14. Oversees all life and safety requirements and vendors for participant and spectator medical needs.
    15. Provide detailed event debriefs.


  1. 4-year degree required
  2. A minimum of 2-3 years’ experience within racetrack operations
  3. Ability to manage in high volume setting with changing circumstances


A&D Narigi Consulting LLC - Operators of WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca