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After years of perfecting the design of a single-seat track car, The Rodin FZero, the self-funded Rodin Cars project was officially established with a full-time engineering workforce in 2016 in the South Island of New Zealand. 

The program expanded with the acquisition of the close-to-maturity Lotus T125 program by Dicker around the same time. For three years Rodin Cars has honed and perfected the open-wheeler concept. Today, that vehicle has been reimagined, redesigned and re-engineered into the Rodin FZed.

Its launch heralds the introduction of an all-new category in high-performance driving – a segment dedicated to high-performance open-wheel track cars.

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Single Seaters

Featuring one of the largest and most diverse collections of 3D printers in the Southern Hemisphere, Rodin Cars has the capability to design and print many components of their bespoke supercars in-house - allowing the achievement and scrutiny of perfection to be more readily at hand. 

Rodin Cars design and manufacture all fasteners for the Rodin FZed, which start as Titanium bar stock and feature rolled threads and PVD surface coating with individual laser marked part numbers. 

The Titanium 3D printed steering wheel for the Rodin FZed has also been designed in-house, as have the composite seats, which will be custom fitted for each owner.

2021 will see the expansion of the machinery to the extent that full engine building capabilities will be realised. 

Having everything in the one location will ensure that clients will have access to purchase vehicles that have been designed specific for them.


Having the best team of engineers is fundamental to the achievement of everything the Rodin vehicles have been designed to be. The brightest up and coming thinkers and most adept craftspeople in engineering have been sourced to achieve this goal.

In addition, partnering with the local university to support the engineering faculty is part of the Rodin Cars mission to promote and inspire the next generation of engineers. 

Each car has been fettled and finished by Rodin Cars’ team of talented engineers, who have incorporated and fabricated many parts from exotic materials at the company’s bespoke facility.

Design thinking, problem solving, experimentation, and dedication are the key components of the enginering team and combine to create truly unique vehicles that are surpassed by none in the track car industry. 

When it comes to the Rodin cars - our engineers ensure there really is nothing like it.  


Rodin Cars 
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