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The Little Car Company


As it says in the name, we make little cars. But they're more than a little bit special.

The Little Car Company makes officially branded drivable little cars for luxury high-end motor manufacturers. They are 75% scale, 100% electric and 200% fun tributes to classic cars: boasting swappable batteries, a sliding pedal box, regenerative braking and different driving modes. We’re already making cars for Bugatti and Aston Martin and there are more to follow.

Beautifully engineered vehicles don't just appear at our client's front doors - they are a result of months and sometimes years of meticulous design, dedicated craftsmanship, uncompromising testing and a personal customer experience second to none.

That doesn't happen without an exceptionally talented team fuelled by a determination to create truly remarkable vehicles, whilst having a ton of fun along the way. We work with the best car manufacturers in the business, so are only looking to recruit amazing talent to our small but highly functioning team. We are committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion among our workforce, and eliminating unlawful discrimination. We aim is for our workforce to be truly representative of all sections of society and our customers, and for each employee to feel respected and able to give their best.


We are building something special, an environment where everyone looks forward to their Monday mornings (our CEO Ben literally bounds out of bed each morning) and everyone in the company knows the difference they are making and can see how much value they are adding every day.

It helps that our products are pretty awesome too, meaning you get to answer the quintessentially British ‘So what do you do?’ question with ‘I’m part of this cool little company that makes scaled down, fully electric classic cars’.

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11-50 employees
Automotive Manufacturer, Electric Vehicles, Manufacturing, Engineering Services
Our HQ | Bicester Heritage

Formerly an WW2 RAF base, Bicester Heritage became the UK’s only hub for historic motoring excellence in 2013. The site is now home to a unique cluster of specialists, revolutionising historic vehicle ownership. It was formed on the belief of ‘driving the future of the past’, somewhat synonymous with The Little Car Company brand. In October 2020, Bicester Heritage will become the home of The Little Car Company, with vehicles being hand-built by our in-house engineering team. The Little Car Company site will also comprise a client handover and experience centre plus showroom.

“A vintage or classic car, motorcycle or modern classic car is more than an object to be admired. It’s an experience to be enjoyed.”

– Bicester Heritage

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142 Southern Avenue
The Command Works
Bicester Heritage
OX27 8FY

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The Little Car Company 
The world experts in junior cars; powered by the mission to allow the joy of driving to be shared across generations.
Bicester, UK 12/01/2021
Mechanic | Technicians | Production | English

Experienced Mechanical Technicians wanted to help create exceptional scaled down classic cars at The Little Car Company either as permanent team member or open to contractors.


Compensation: Competitive Salary based on experience + share options + bonus scheme