Inter Europol Competition Team

Inter Europol Competition Team


The people who work for the team come from Germany, Poland, England, Sweden, Hungary, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. A truly international team with years of experience.

In 2010 Inter Europol became the main sponsor. Inter Europol is a Polish bakery situated near Warsaw (Poland) which delivers bread and bread related products to over 30 countries worldwide. Their customers are airlines, hotels, fuel stations, etc. The chance that you ate their bread at one time or another is very likely.

The colours green and yellow on the car are those of Inter Europol and are inspired by lush green fields and the sun.

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Cara de Vlaming 
PR/Communications Inter Europol Competition team
+31 653 463 184
Stadsgids Amsterdam | Communicatie duizendpoot | Press Officer Internationale Autosport