ArtLine Engineering

ArtLine Engineering


In 1999—2002 Art-Line Engineering competed in the Formula 3 (an international class with 2-liter engines). The team took third place in the very first season, with experienced Italian racer Fabio Babini paving the way to the podium. In 2001 Maurizio Mediani became the first Art-Line Engineering pilot to win the Champion of Russia title. Team members have included Enrico Toccacelo (Italy), Victor Kozankov and Alexander Nesterov. The pilots contributed much to the achievements of Art-Line Engineering. However, the team’s engineers deserve equal credit.The distinguishing characteristics of Art-Line Engineering include continuous work on perfecting racing technology with an eye to specific conditions in Russia, developing new components, and thoroughly analyzing performance results from races and tests. Ferdinando Ravarotto, a well-known Italian expert, was on the team for three years. Working with leading European pilots and engineers was excellent experience for the team members.

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Motorsport, Manufacturing, Automotive Manufacturer, Construction, Modification, Race Preparation, Rally Team
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Design Engineer

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Volgogradsky pr-t., 42, bld. 5

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