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In 1957, the genius moustache wearer that was Colin Chapman built a lively little two-seater sports car. The car was designed to be ‘fit for purpose’  – Chapman wanted owners to be able to experience the joy and pride of building their own car and then take it on track.

To that end, he came up with the mantra “Simplify, then add lightness” and the Seven was born.

Over sixty years on, Caterham – which acquired the rights to build and develop the Seven from Chapman in 1973 – is still adhering to Chapman’s original philosophy and is still turning out variants of the Seven that don’t so much shout ‘fun’ at you, as grab you by the lapels and scream it in your face.

With a line-up of models that range in power from 125bhp to 310bhp, each car weighing just over 500kg, Caterham’s eight Seven variants features something for every taste, every level of driving experience.  Production of Caterham’s unique British cars is exclusively from within the UK- from start to finish, with the end goal, still being, to reduce weight and increase power.

But one thing that remains constant–- whether you’re getting behind the wheel of the relatively sedate Seven 270 or the face-meltingly swift Seven 620R – is fun.

At Caterham, we’ve always put the driver experience at the very heart of what we do. Just as Chapman did over 60 years ago, we are committed to reducing weight, increasing power and giving our customers a thrilling drive whether on the road or on the racetrack- as part of our acclaimed series of one-make motor racing championships.

True to our ethos, we’ve created more than 1,000 brand new racing drivers through our Caterham Academy programme, but the Seven has a knack for making you feel like a hero wherever you drive.

Strap in, take a deep breath and prepare yourself. You’re about to have the ride of your life.

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Caterham and the Seven have a history that is forever entwined. We are the proud custodians of Seven, the people who know and love this car. We are the passion and engineering behind today’s incarnations of Chapman’s design. Uniquely British and sometimes quirky in our ways, we see it as our duty to push the envelope and boundaries of this little car to its absolute maximum, while retaining the driving purity and racing spirit that defined the original and made it an icon.

Our model range may be one model, and it may not be mainstream. But its nuanced variants encompass everything a true driver wants from a car. From the Sunday cruiser to the track day enthusiast to the wannabe racing driver, you will find a Caterham Seven to suit. And, it’s hand-built, backed by an ideology and heritage that is unequaled in our sector.



Do you want to become a racing driver? Are you looking for a one-make series where the cars are exactly the same and it comes down to driver talent? Are you a complete novice? Then the Academy series is for you. Even if you did your ARDS test but have never actually used your race license then you are still eligible for the Academy.

However, if you have held a Kart license before then, unfortunately, you cannot participate in the Academy. Why? We want to ensure that there is a level playing field throughout our grid.

The Academy is the best place to start your journey to become a racing driver. You have a dedicated coordinator who is always on hand to offer you help, support and advice. The Academy is structured so you can get the best out of your experience and introduction into Motorsport. The first time the Caterham Team will see the 2020 Academy drivers is towards the end of 2019 at the Academy Seminar. Caterham goes through in detail the journey drivers are about to embark on (with top tips to help them along the way).

You are not allowed to have team support in this series. Caterham Support is included within the price of the Academy. Therefore, if anything goes wrong on your car while you are at the circuit the Caterham team will be on hand to help fix the problem. This does not include the cost of parts.



Caterham Cars 
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An exciting, entry-level opportunity to join our small administrative team that operates the UK’s largest motorsport series, with nearly 200 drivers across six championships.