How to become a Fabrication Technician in the WRC – Qualifications, skills and more

How to become a Fabrication Technician in the WRC – Qualifications, skills and more

fabrication technicians are responsible for Helping with the preparation and assembly of various components, but how do you become one and what qualifications do you need?


We spoke to Jack Taylorson about being a Fabrication Technician in the WRC with M-Sport. Here he shares more about his role and how you can take steps to work in the industry.


What is your role?

I am a Fabrication Technician.


What are your responsibilities and main jobs?

In this role I am involved in the fabricating and welding of new components and preparing new shells which includes things such as welding in mounts, roll cages etc. I also can be repairing damaged parts and shells and helping to build and prepare the cars when necessary. I attend race events and tests as a fabrication technician and mechanic.


What qualification do you need?

To be a fabrication technician you will need a Level 3 diploma in fabrication and welding and experience in an engineering workshop. Also an apprenticeship with a motorsport team or a fabrication workshop.



Jack Taylorson, Fabrication Technician, M-Sport


What should you study in school?


When looking to work in fabrication you should look at studying technical subjects like metalwork, product design etc. as this will be a good start to learning fabrications, and how things are made in general.

Maths and physics are essential subjects to have as well as material properties.


What other skills are useful?


When working in fabrication practical skills like construction or carpentry are useful to have as the will help with your understanding of how things are made and how to create strong structures.

Design engineering is another useful skill to have as this will give you an understanding of engineering drawings.

Having experience of working on your own car will mean you will learn how they work and have the skills to take things apart and put them back together.



Craig Breen (IRE), M-Sport Ford World Rally Team, Ford Puma Rally1


How can I get work experience?


The best way to gain work experience in fabrication is to contact both small and large motorsport teams. Offer to do voluntary work for them and this will give you the chance to see how things work inside the team as well as giving you the opportunity to make contacts.

Also you could join a local motor club. Small teams will often have roles available and you can volunteer as a marshall at race meetings.


Do you get to go to races?

Yes, I am involved in both race events and testing.



What does a day at work look like for you?

In this role most days are very different from each other. When working in the workshop I can be busy building components for new or damaged cars or helping to prepare the cars for the next race meeting. Deadlines can be very tight between races so you need to be flexible, it often means helping in other departments or working long hours to make sure things are ready.


During race events no two days are the same. Often problems occur that you don’t expect and there is not much time to solve them.




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