High Voltage Technician

General Notes: 

  • Porsche Penske Motorsport is looking for a qualified 12V and HV Technician to join our team.
  • This role will be a vital member of our travelling racing organization as we develop a racing prototype and prepare to race in both the WEC and IMSA with our manufacturer partner Porsche.
  • This position will include extensive travel both domestic and internationally throughout the year.
    • Time periods of 2-3 weeks away from the home base is expected.
  • Positions available at both our North Carolina, US base as well as our new Germany facility.
  • Position is open immediately until filled.

Responsibilities Include: 

  • Service, maintenance and handling of the hybrid system and battery systems of our LMDh Prototype
  • Executing and respecting HV system protocols and responsible for the safe installation and maintenance of the hybrid powertrain system
  • Designing, building, repairing and maintaining motorsport looms and harnesses
  • Aide in car radio setup and communication systems during the testing phase
    • Work in conjunction with radio suppliers at test and race events
    • Working with System Engineers to have stable and reliable communication to the car
  • Aide in IT infrastructure layout, setup, and maintenance
    • Working with IT Engineers to have a stable and reliable network connection and server infrastructure at the shops and at track

Desired Qualifications: 

  • Required 2-3 years of experience in top level professional motorsport in an electrical technician role
    • F1, IndyCar, IMSA, WEC, Formula E preferred
    • At track position experience preferred
  • Hybrid powertrain experience required
    • Motorsport hybrid powertrain experience preferred
    • Applicable certifications for handling of High Voltage Hybrid Systems
      • DGUV– E3 Certification or equivalent preferred
    • Training available if not certified to this level, some level of certification required
  • Required experience designing, building, repairing and maintaining motorsports looms and harnesses
  • Ability to travel internationally required
  • Preferred experience with Radio / Intercom systems, programming, and maintenance
  • General IT and networking experience preferred