GB3 Championship

GB3 Championship


The GB3 cars are run by the teams themselves. Great emphasis has been placed on minimising the cost of participating at a very competitive level for a season.

Costs are minimised by the following restrictions:

  • Sealed engines - may only be rebuilt by MSV’s service provider
  • Controlled compound tyres for durability and consistency
  • Tyre supply is restricted to four front and four rear tyres per event
  • Control fuel provided by Sunoco
  • Two-way adjustable dampers, sealed and supplied by Oram

Chassis Set Up Scope

There is considerable scope for both mechanical and aerodynamic adjustments to optimise the set up of the cars, including:

  • Ride heights, tracking, cambers and castor are free within specified limits
  • Front and rear anti roll bars are adjustable
  • There is a restricted choice of front and rear springs, six choices in total
  • Front and rear wings are adjustable
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