Monticello Motor Club

Monticello Motor Club


Nestled in New York's scenic and historic Catskill Mountains, Monticello Motor Club (MMC) is the world's premier automotive country club. While the Automotive Country Club is a relatively new concept with few offerings worldwide, founded in 2007, MMC is a pioneer in the space. From a high level, MMC marries traditional Country Club amenities to 4.1 miles of race-grade asphalt rather than 18 holes of golf.

Monticello Motor Club members are individuals and families passionate about motorsports and relish unique & thrilling driving experiences. MMC has over 690 Members who frequently visit the area during our season, which runs Mid-April through Mid-November. Members visit MMC with friends, family, and colleagues to enjoy lapping on our track in their high-performance cars, participate in one (or all) of our five in-house racing series, enjoy go-karting and off-road offerings, and much more. Off-road activities are available year-round, and as such, Members also visit the area during winter months.

In addition to our core member offerings, Monticello Motor Club frequently hosts private events for corporations, charities, auto manufacturers, and other large organizations. MMC's facility is a truly differentiated offering with immense flexibility to suit the needs of the individual events and benefits from proximity to New York City and the Tri-State Area.

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Monticello Motor Club 
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The World's Premier Automotive Country Club