Why is Motorsport lacking a global platform for recruiting?

Motorsport is a global sport, so surely there should be a platform to promote and advertise jobs that reach across the globe. Motorsport jobs is trying to achieve that goal, the aim is to make an easy flowing platform that will allow recruitments and jobseekers to connect.

There are many job boards either in print or online but all of them seem to be localised to one country or lack the availability and functionality that Motorsport Jobs will try and achieve.

It surprises me that as the motorsport brand is such a global giant, why isn’t there a platform that everyone in the world can use. Most recruitment is done via a company’s website, this will restrict traffic and ultimately lead to candidate missing out on the perfect job.

Motorsport Jobs will collate all the jobs into one functionally website, they will allow jobseekers to apply for multiple jobs from as many businesses as they want.

Motorsport has always had a tricky recruitment drive due to the nature of the sport and lack of accessibility it has had in the past. I believe a global platform for recruitment could be extremely influential in the development of the sport.

As the sports continues to grow into different areas, the demand will shift creating a recruitment drive for new or existing talent. Motorsport Jobs will provide a platform for recruiters to easily advertise their brand.

In my own experience trying to locate a job in motorsport has been difficult, all the jobs are on different websites slowing the candidate down in the persuit of the perfect job.

Social media will be influential in the development of the global platform, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will act as initial contact for the jobseeker. After that they will find more details via the website which will give them a greater understanding of the job and how to apply.

Motorsport consists of so many hidden gems that have yet to be explored, this is what Motorsport jobs is trying to unearth by searching high and low for the perfect job for the perfect candidate.