Motorsport is always a challenging career to venture into, but how could this be improved?

Engineering is an exciting career prospect especially in Motorsport, the passion and adrenaline can’t be matched. But reports have shown that there has been a decline in the number of students venturing into Motorsport Engineering, could this be down to a lack of knowledge at a younger age?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) has been introduced to try and engage young people about a career path in these fields. STEM ambassadors are volunteers who have extensive knowledge on these subjects. The program has been devised to educate the new generation unsure about their career.

The Government funded program gives teachers and students valuable insight into careers they may otherwise not have approached. Teachers are limited in time and resources to focus on certain careers. That is why STEM is hugely beneficial to teachers and especially students who are unsure of what career to choose.

Motorsport engineering has notably declined as a career for students and graduates, this is down to a lack of real world experience offered by motorsport companies and Universities. Motorsport especially Formula 1 has regrettably distanced themselves from the general public, but programs like STEM are trying to bring such subjects back.

Engineering is not just the only area of Motorsport that can be explored, media, marketing and communications have become vitally important in this digital age. Motorsport companies are always looking to promote their brand. Social media has been effective tool for teams to market their brands, this has opened a whole new area of career prospects.

Journalism and marketing are understandably focused on more accessible sports such as football especially in the UK. In my experience Motorsport has always taken a back seat, so trying to attract the masses rather than the select few could be one step in the right direction.

A few ways this could applied is at a curriculum level, Universities could fund more Motorsport based courses that will have transferable skills outside of the racetrack.

Coventry University offer a Motorsport Engineering course, which offers great hand on experience. Engineering is one of the most people courses for budding motorsport engineers, but more still needs to be done in all areas of motorsport.