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Tour De Force


A group of ex-Formula One professionals, united by our shared passion for motorsport, founded TDF in 2009. Harnessing our skills and experience, we create unique products with exquisite attention to detail, preserving the craftsmanship and history of our sport. 


TDF-H, our Heritage division, was created to manage the restoration, on-going maintenance, race preparation and campaigning of our customers’ historic Formula One, LMP and GT cars. From the early sixties, through the iconic turbo era of the 80’s, screaming V10s of the millennium and right up to the modern-day, TDF-H looks after some of the most expensive and complicated racing cars in the world.


TDF-P, our precision engineering division quickly followed as we began designing and building components in-house for our customer’s needs. This accelerated to include state of the art scan technology and the same 3D CAD techniques employed in Formula 1. TDF-P is now able to reverse engineer and model a complete car from any era with fastidious attention to detail. This gives our customers a blueprint, protecting their cars for the future, in a way unseen until now. 


Years of experience with expensive and often fragile historic Formula One cars led us to TDF’s halo product, the TDF-One. A unique concept which takes a modern Formula One chassis and combines it with a devastating but robust power unit to create the ultimate high-performance vehicle. We wanted to offer a safe but authentic Formula One experience, without the expense and resource typically associated with running these cars. Each TDF-One is hand built and our bespoke packages allow clients complete customisation, driver training, and exclusive events at the most iconic circuits in the world.  


As TDF expand their products and services across the globe, these cars are now more accessible than

ever before. We are proud to have partners within North America, already bringing a motorsport experience on a truly bespoke level into the USA. With more global partnerships to be announced shortly, the opportunity and growth at TDF is both rapid and forward thinking as we look to reinvent the way teams operate in this sector.

Art des Unternehmens: 
1-10 Mitarbeiter
Gesuchte Berufsfelder: 
Boxentechniker, Getriebetechniker, IT / Computer-Ingenieur, Mechaniker, Renningenieur, Techniker, Elektrotechnik, Elektroniker

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Tour-De-Force Building 202, Bedford Autodrome
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Chief Technical Director
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