We support athletes, racers and events in creating their ultimate sports experience. Every year we capture the performance of over 20 million people all over the world. And turn their data into insights, progress and fun. We offer them a better understanding of their performance and help them with their best next steps.

Founded in 1982, we have revolutionized the world of sports timing with groundbreaking innovations and set the standard ever since. We invented automatic sports timing; thousands of events and millions of athletes that previously used stopwatches and thumbs to keep track of results now rely on MYLAPS technology. Our passion for sports and technology has always been the driving force.

We offer a wide range of timing systems and services. Our solutions have been developed to suit the needs of professional timers, event organizers, track and club owners and federations, as well as individual racers and athletes. Our products enhance the experience for all sports categories, from professional to amateur level, from small to high/density events.

Our systems support registration, identify individual racers and athletes, determine their start, finish and intermediate times, collect performance data, calculate rankings and publish the results. Besides that, we offer value-added participant and event services to boost the sports experience.

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Inventors of the Standard in Automated Sports Timing | Leader in Live Performance Insights
Netherlands 05/18/2021
Produktingenieur (m/w) | Produktmanager (m/w) | Product Developer | Product Development

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Netherlands 05/12/2021
Race Controller | Sicherheitsexperte (m/w) | Geschäftsentwicklung

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As Sales Manager at our International Headquarters in Haarlem, you have a key role in improving Safety for Circuits and Racers, making Racers better, and increasing Fan engagement. Our products are used on all levels in the motorsport market including prominent customers like Indycar, Nascar and MotoGP.