Gordon Murray Design Limited

Gordon Murray Design Limited


Gordon Murray Design has built a Global reputation as one of the ‘finest automotive design teams in the World’ and was established in 2007 to develop an innovative and disruptive manufacturing technology trademarked iStream®.

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Gordon Murray Design’s first milestone was the T.25 – a proof-of-concept for the futuristic vision of urban mobility. When it made its debut in mid 2010, the petrol-powered T.25 instantly redefined traditional weight, footprint, safety, usability and efficiency parameters through Gordon Murray Design’s patented iStream® with it’s innovative use of Formula 1 technology, simplified for cost for the everyday motorist. Together with the all-electric T.27 that followed in mid 2011, the T.25 was central to both the development and validation of GMD’s ground-breaking iStream® production process.

Our unique approach and truly creative thinking enables Gordon Murray Design to deliver complete car programmes in a highly efficient and innovative way from concept, design, prototype and development through to production ready product.

Art des Unternehmens: 
51-250 Mitarbeiter
Motorsport, Automobilhersteller


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