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Welcome to Good Fabrications Ltd, also known as GoodFabs.

Best known for our exhaust system work for engine builders and race teams in Formula 1, we have the largest selection of tooling for mandrel bending thin wall tubing outside the aerospace industry.

Much of our work is for the development and prototype side of performance engineering. We make and design parts for the automotive, defence, oil and gas, and marine industries for a range of products, including UAVs, subsea antennae, EV battery modules and Hybrid SUVs.

Our expertise includes fabrication and TIG welding, heat-shielding, machining, laser cutting, additive manufacturing and post-print machining, hydroforming and pressing as well as shot-peening and heat treatment.

Our UK workshop is situated in Motorsport Valley, home of most Formula 1 teams and many of its suppliers.

We employ over 30 staff including some of the world's best fabricator/ welders, heat shielders, machinists and tube formers.

Fabrication and welding are the basis of our manufacturing process at GoodFabs.

We TIG weld thin-wall stainless steel and nickel alloys, such as inconel, the material with which we work most.

Most of our fabrication at GoodFabs involves lightweight exotic metals which perform well in high heat environments.

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