Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Chip Ganassi Racing Teams is seeking an experienced and qualified Vehicle Dynamics Engineer. This position will be responsible for the use and development of several vehicle simulation programs and their toolsets to support the on-track activities of IndyCar and IMSA race teams. We are seeking a balanced individual that is familiar with theoretical vehicle dynamics and can use software tools to translate that knowledge into practical applications in a racing environment.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and create software tools used to simulate vehicle dynamics in support of several racing programs. Software tools are both commercial and in-house developed, and include lap time simulation, multi-body simulation, and driver-in-the-loop simulation.
  • Perform correlation of real-world data from track and rig testing with simulation results. Develop new analysis methods, techniques, and processes to improve correlation results.
  • Understand and use data acquisition systems and sensors to improve vehicle performance.
  • Use simulation to trouble-shoot data acquisition issues and vice-versa.
  • Use simulation tools to generate results used to aid in the development of vehicle performance.
  • Work closely with engineering to design test plans, simulate, and document the results to optimize vehicle performance and increase efficiency of track testing.
  • Design and conduct experiments as required to improve the accuracy of the simulation inputs and outputs. Collect, analyze, and report test rig and track results for use by engineering team.
  • Coordinate, plan, and analyze driver-in-the-loop simulation program. Develop processes to integrate simulation and track data analysis.
  • Carefully identify areas of improvement in the suite of simulation tools and work to enhance the existing software.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, or equivalent is required.
  • Understanding of vehicle dynamics in theory and practice.
  • Experience with engineering testing methods and the ability to design, execute, document, and report results.
  • Computer literacy with Microsoft Office products is mandatory.
  • Superior attention to detail to trouble-shoot software, hardware, or vehicle dynamics issues.
  • Desire to continue learning and developing vehicle dynamics knowledge.

Preferred Qualities

  • Experience with data acquisition hardware and data analysis software (Cosworth Electronics, Pi Toolset, Pi Toolbox, LabView, Motec, etc.)
  • Experience with vehicle dynamics simulation software (lap time, dynamic, parametric, multi-body, etc.)
  • Experience with driver-in-the-loop simulation (CarSim, rFactor Pro, AVL, Dymola, etc.)
  • Experience with tire data analysis and simulation (CALSPAN, Pacejka, TameTire, etc.)
  • Experience with vehicle test rigs (seven post [7post] ride simulator, kinematics & compliance test rig, damper dynamometer, wind tunnel, etc.)
  • Computer programming language (VBA, C++, Matlab)