Autotel Digital Race Radio

Autotel Digital Race Radio


Autotel has a strong presence in the Motorsport sector as a supplier of turnkey and bespoke radio communications systems in this very demanding environment.

Our systems are used extensively in the UK and Europe, we also supply worldwide though our dealer network.

We are a small company operating mainly in the specialised field of motorsport. Applicants should be comfortable working within a small organisation.

Autotel manufacture key components of our system in house, combining them with equipment from Kenwood, Icom and Hytera to produce a complete end user system.

We offer system design, service and support for Racing teams in top level motorsport, as well as providing off the shelf systems to a wide range of Motor racing teams.

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Unit M Loddon Industrial Estate
Loddon, Norwich

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Autotel Motorsports  Communications
Autotel Motorsports Communications