Assistant Transport & Logistics Manager (HGV Licence essential)

We are looking for a person to fill a unique and exciting role. The role essentially bridges the gap between our Transport Manager who is based at our headquarters and does not travel, with organising, supporting and working with our HGV drivers. You yourself will have both aspects of driving and admin required for this integral function of our team to operate at the highest level.


This is an interesting role for someone who enjoys the admin and legal requirements of HGV transport, globally, as well as driving. We need someone who will take the lead on ensuring our planning and legal requirements are met and will work with our team to get everything we need to races and back again, safely and efficiently. And then, when you’re track side you will participate in a variety of roles relating to team performance as is required of you relative to each event.


Ideally you will have experience of the motorsport industry and will understand that it is a demanding but exciting space to work within. We work very hard and have diversified interests across modern and historic race teams as well as other commercial interests.


The fundamental objectives and requirements for this role is to leverage our capability up. We travel across Europe and Internationally and transport a whole array of goods and parts to enable top performance when we get to the tracks. You will need to be a person who enjoys being part of a team, you will care for the kit and trucks to a high standard, diligently and you will understand and enjoy that the nature of what we do is very different and we all do what we need to, to get the job done, taking pride in how we do this to maintain our iconic brand. You will be a hands on person, someone who likes to get involved and participate. Once we get to track, the work is not done, you will be an integral part of the race team, helping with specific roles within the garage such as being tyre man.


You will have a keen eye for detail and you will have a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements that we need to honour and fulfil as part of our obligations within our operators licence. You will take responsibility for working with our Transport Manager and our HGV drivers to ensure we are organised, doing what we should be in the way that we need to, that we are on top of the seasonal jobs, that we are doing what we should be pre race and post race in terms of our fleet and equipment.