Trackside Support Technician, Indycar Events

IVS works with professional sports teams to improve performance for players and coaches.  We have an immediate opening for a trackside support technician following the NTT Indycar Series.

We work with Indycar series teams to produce video comparisons between cars on track.  To do this, we have a network of Windows PCs that we setup and maintain at each event.  Uptime of these windows systems and the network will be the primary role for this position. 

Essentially all of our equipment is new this year and is working well.  We have some growth in new areas and therefore need to add a person to our Indycar team to accomplish that growth. 

Experience with the Windows operating system, gaming pc's, and light windows networking experience will be essential here.  Experience with Ubiquiti networking products would be an advantage. If you have experience as a DAG or assistant engineer you likely have the skills we require.

We constantly work to improve our operations, and you will need to have that interest as well.  Our clients do not sit still and we cannot either. This company attitude leads to experience with cutting edge technologies that will build on your skills.  In addition, you will interacting with our own in-house software development team to make our operations more efficient and make the job at the events easier over time. 

This position will require travel, with many of the events within driving range of Indianapolis.  This team member would also be required to bring back any equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced between events to either work on at home or ship back to our office. 

Air travel, hotels and rental car charges will be paid by the company, and mileage charges would be reimbursed according to Federal standards.  

Typical event days are 10-12 hours each for typically three days each event and we respect the overtime rules of your home state.  As your training progresses we have other projects that can be supported either remotely or at additional events. 

We would like to have our new hire at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Month of May activities starting in two weeks time.  

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Setup and secure a location in pit lane for internet access and to base our local network
  • Setup wireless network to other trackside locations
  • Perform system checks regularly to achieve 100% uptime during on track events.
  • Follow defined daily setup/shutdown programs.
  • Remain mindful of event schedule and our own internal schedule of events and locations
  • Stay in communication with the rest of the trackside and office teams at all times.  Communication is mainly written using business chat apps, need to be able to communicate clearly in written form
  • Use of complex spreadsheets to produce results for our clients.
  • Monitor for, troubleshoot and diagnose any windows networking issues that may arise
  • Load and unload equipment, checking inventory of consumables and tracking all equipment against checklists
  • Perform routine maintenance on systems to ensure uptime.
  • Willingness to make changes and add in new equipment to improve our workflow


Infinity Video Systems