Test Engineer

Job Description

  •  Designer:  Be part of a team that designs, modifies, writes and implements test equipment solutions (including hardware design and/or software programs using ________ test language)
  •  You will support the development of <new test applications OR development of product OR other> or the investigation/analysis of issues to root cause and propose the fix, implement changes, and verify & validate the final solution
  •    You will work with Senior Engineers to turn requirements into deliverable products
  •    Lab:  Be part of a team that uses test equipment and instrumentation to test product designs
  •   You will work with a cross functional team and Senior Test Engineer to test products through the development cycle
  •   You will investigate and analyze issues to root cause and propose the fix, and verify & validate the final solution
  •    An opportunity to be engaged in full product lifecycle, from inception to final product
  •  Hands on lab work to test, verify, and validate that products meet customer requirements and needs
  •  Use your creativity to develop testing concepts for a leading <fill in the blank> industry



  • ▪    Bachelors degree in Engineering or Computer Science      



  • ▪      Experience with [list SW environments or complilers] and/or [list HW tools and environments used]
  • ▪   Experience with [product family] equipment or other [industry] products is a plus
  • ▪   Individuals who take the initiative to get things done, do things before being asked by others or forced to by events
  • ▪    Individuals that assemble facts from various areas, analyze data, and provide informed recommendations  
  • ▪    Effectively using data to make intelligent decisions  
  • ▪    Multi-tasking and has the ability to manage a variety of complex tasks  
  • ▪    Some test engineering experience  
  • ▪    Experience writing and presenting ___________ [fill in blanks]
  • ▪  Proven track record developing test [software and/or hardware]


Available Job Activities:

  • Setup test benches and equipment
  • Integration
  • Test/Product Debug
  • Verification and Validation
  • Documentation
  • Customer Support
  • Requirements
  • Design
  • Quoting