Technical Manager - Extreme E

This position will combine the tasks with Project management in production, logistics and operational side and with IT directors in the technical side.


  • Logistics coordination and production of material and human resources in races
  • Coordination of human resources trips with Travel Manager
  • Relationship and coordination with the client to agree on the needs of the service to be provided
  • Incident management during event with teams and clients
  • Manage and led rig of track network with IT Director assistance
  • Complete rig planning and supervising
  • Plan, coordination and rig lead of garages and paddock facilities network
  • Good use of the tools and / or materials of the Company
  • Material stock control and order
  • Assign and supervise staff tasks
  • Maintain compliance with all company policies and procedures
  • Detect and report possible issues
  • Produce and supervise working plans
  • Coordinate meals, catering and grocery for the staff
  • Attend to weekly virtual and face to face meetings
  • “On the road” materials maintenance and improvements


Valued but not essential


  • Knowledge in VHF frequencies
  • Experience in mesh networks configurations
  • Experience in Mikrotik equipment
  • Experience in IPTV video distribution and encoding